A few weeks ago I visited Ayurveda Clinic Sofia to meet Dr. Mahesh.

The reason for the visit was a huge hen thorn in the foot of my daughter, age 11.

I never thought that such a small problem at first glance might turn out to be such a big problem!

Within a few months we tried everything. I could publish a book with recipes for hen thorn treatment, but none of these recipes helped.

I sought help from the conventional medicine, but after a procedure of thorn burning, instead of improving the situation, things got worse. The tissue around the thorn became with the size of a 50 cent coin. My daughter couldn’t step on her foot and the long-awaited summer vacation turned into hell!

While I was trying to resolve this problem, I have met people who have gone through all the methods of the medieval inquisition – burning with acids (liquid nitrogen, formic acid, salicylic acid and so on), surgery, laser, even plastic surgery of the foot after numerous interventions... without permanent solution of the problem!

The opinion of the doctors was that we have only one option since the thorn has already ingrown deeply in the tissue – and this option is surgery.

The situation has become even more problematic for us because my daughter had a scheduled trip to Austria, which of course was about to fail even though she was waiting for it during the entire year.

So, I had a maximum of 25 days without having any idea what to do...

I am a regular guest with my family at the Lucky Bansko hotel. I feel every person in the hotel as close friend, so that’s why I shared my problem. They gave me the advice to visit Dr. Mahesh who will help me for sure.

On the very next day I was already standing face to face with him, filled with hope, my last hope...

This kind and decent person prescribed a treatment to my daughter and we complied with it to the last letter and comma. He was completely honest with us and confirmed that the roots of the hen thorn were more than 100, as they covered 50 cent coin area, and these roots were deep because of the time we lost due to burning....He invited me to visit the clinic again after 20 days of applying the treatment.

You kind and good people!!! Two weeks after I treated the place with the oil he prescribed me and the herbs that my daughter drank, the hen thorn disappeared as if it never had existed!!!

I am very grateful to Dr. Mahesh with all my heart!
I thank him with all my motherly prayer I used to do every day in my desire to help my child who, instead of playing, was staying on the bench outside and looked sadly at the other children who were playing!

I am also very grateful to the owners of the hotel and they desire and drive to do everything Perfect and exquisite!
I am thankful for creating the clinic where I met Dr. Mahesh!

You have created goodness, support and health, so I want to tell you with all my heart:

Be blessed!!!
Be healthy!!!

With love,
Sylvia, Catherine and Hristo Georgievi


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