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Abhyangam therapy for the whole body - 4 hands

Abhyangam therapy for the whole body - 4 hands


Maximum duration 60 minutes


In combination with steam bath for 60 min.Leading ayurvedic therapy with the main purpose of oiling the whole body. Removes tense and painful muscles, soothes the mind and prepares the body for subsequent ayurvedic effects . 

Additional information

Relaxes the body and mind. Relieves the muscle tension and improves the appearance of the skin. The oil has the ability to penetrate deeply and nourishes thetissues.

Price (BGN)
  • One therapie on four hands130.00
  • 3 therapies111.00 / each - You save 57
  • 5 therapies104.00 / each - You save 130
  • 7 therapies98.00 / each - You save 224