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Pinda Sweda (Podi Kizhi)

Pinda Sweda  (Podi Kizhi)


maximum duration 50 minutes


Therapy, which causes intense heating of the body through hot cotton bags filled with herbs. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the functioning of the nervous system .

Additional information

Therapy that improves blood circulation andtheconducting of theimpulses through the nerves. It impactsthe lymph and muscle tissue. It hasstrong detoxifying properties. This therapy is used only over the body, it is not applicable forthe head.

Price (BGN)
  • One therapie140.00
  • 3 therapies119.00 / each - You save 63
  • 5 therapies112.00 / each - You save 140
  • 7 therapies105.00 / each - You save 245