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Pruthavansha Dhara (partial pizichil)

Pruthavansha Dhara (partial pizichil)


Maximum duration 40 minutes


Therapy with intensive pouring of warm curative oil over zone of the spine. It causes a profound regenerative effect on tissues and structures in this part of the body. 

Additional information

This procedure influences degenerative changes of the spine. Treats different kinds of discopathy, disc hernia, protrusions. This is a regenerative therapy which nourishes the tissues and improves the recovery processes for the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Reduces pain, stiffness and impaired mobility.

Price (BGN)
  • 3 therapies136.00 / each
  • 5 therapies128.00 / each - You save 40
  • 7 therapies120.00 / each - You save 112