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Sarvang bashpasvedam

Sarvang bashpasvedam


Maximum duration 15 minutes


Steam bath, which uses the therapeutic effects of the herbal vapor. Improves blood circulation, relaxes and heats the body, increases the effectiveness of healing after Abiangam therapy.

Additional information

In this therapy the body is placed in an individual wooden steam chamber with head outside of it. The steam used is enriched with herbal decoction or healing oil, which due to the heat can penetrate deep into the tissues. It is very well combined with Abhyangam therapy, thereby the impact of thesetherapies on blood circulationis increased,they also improvethecerebral functions and nerve stimulation. Reduces pain increased muscle tone, regulate blood pressure and relaxes the body.

Price (BGN)
  • One therapie40.00
  • 7 therapies30.00 / each - You save 70