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Shiro Abhyangam therapy

Shiro Abhyangam therapy


Maximum duration 20 minutes


Therapy with intensive impact to the head, face, neck and shoulder area. Improves blood circulation in these areas, strengthens the function of all senses in head, eyes, hearing, smell, taste. Improves sleep, reduces the sense of stress, removes headaches .

Additional information

This therapy improves the functionsof all sensory organs on the head. It calms the mind, reduces the tension caused by everyday stress. Improves sleep and increases the feeling of relaxation.

Price (BGN)
  • One therapie40.00
  • 3 therapies34.00 / each - You save 18
  • 5 therapies32.00 / each - You save 40
  • 7 therapies30.00 / each - You save 70