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Packacge name: Duration: Price:
Ayurveda Immunity 5 days 784 lv. / 667 lv.
Ayurveda Care 10 days 1 244 lv. / 995 lv.
Ayurveda Rejuvenation 15 days 1 699 lv. / 1 274 lv.
Ayurveda Curing 30 days 3 123 lv. / 2 186 lv.
Ayurveda Prophy 5 days 626 lv. / 532 lv.
Kids' Package 5 days 536 lv. / 456 lv.



Ayurveda Impunity

This specially-designed Package for immunity boost is focused on a specific health problem and/ or weakness in the functions of a specific organ or system of the human body. If you have had cold or flu recently, or you are liable to getting sick frequently, Ayurveda will be extremely beneficial for you.

The program combines the concepts of both prophylaxis and rehabilitation. The carefully chosen therapies make it suitable both for young and for adults.

The therapies for improvement of the immunity open the body micro-channels, remove the obstructions, break the toxins and expel them from the body (detoxification). That results in restoring the body balance, turning the energy flow into the correct direction, improving the nourishment of all body tissues and cells in the body.

Ayurveda IMMUNITY  is the perfect immune boost instrument before the winter season, as well as for strengthening the body defense system and resist­ance against various diseases.

In addition, the program helps to improve the brain functions.

The Package includes the following therapies with specially chosen medicated oils as per the person's individual conditions:

Abhyangam - 2 therapies | Pinda Sveda {Podi Kizi) - 2 therapies | Pinda Sveda {Podi Kizi) with Virechanal | Short consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor


Duration: 5 days

Standard price:: 784 lv. Package price: 667 lv.



Ayurveda Care PackAyurveda Care is a program designed to treat all kind of non-terminal diseases. The package has been designed for those who believe that the natural herbal way of treatment is always a better choice.

You can put trust in that effective and strengthening the body treatment package, which includes Ayurvedic methods and herbal products that have passed the test of the time.

The herbal treatment is absolutely safe and with no side effects. In our Ayurveda Clinic we use Ayurvedic products, which have the power to reach to the roots of the problem, to correct the imbalance and to cure the affected part of the body, without causing any negative side effects on the functions of other body organs or sys­tems. The results are fast and obvious: the unwanted symptoms decrease significantly and gradually disappear. Moreover, we can reassure that the ayurvedic prod­ucts work in an amazing way at various levels by improving the overall body condition and tone.

Trust the miraculous ayurvedic herbal products, prepared without any chemicals and artificial compounds that successfully restore the normal body functions.

Help yourself and change your life!

This Program includes the following therapies with special herbal oils selected according to the individual condition of the patient:

Udvurtanam | Abhyangam - 2 therapies | Pinda Sveda (Podi Kizi) - 2 therapies | Short consultation | Pinda Sveda (Podi Kizi) with Virechana | Shirodara or Shiro Lepam - 3 therapies | Nasya | Short consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor


Duration: 10 days

Standard price:: 1 244 lv. Package price: 995 lv.



Ayurveda Pack RejuvenationAchieving of longevity is a leading principle in Ayurveda. The main goal of the ancient Ayurveda practices is to show the people that the dream of a hun­dred-year long life is completely achievable.

The full-of-stress daily life increases the degenerative processes in the human body, which can lead to shortening the length of the peopl.

Ayurveda Rejuvenation  includes rejuvenation therapies, which slow down and even stop the process of aging, stimulate the tissue regeneration and re­store the youthful charm and freshness of the skin.

In addition to the therapies, you will receive recommendations for change of lifestyle which will help you to maintain the achieved results in future.

The package is a necessity after the age of 40 and is especially recommended for those of you who feel exhausted and depressed and want to regain the joy of life.

Refresh your body and keep youth energy with our Rejuvenating Progra!

The Program Includes the following therapies with individ­ually selected medicated oils: :

Udvurtanam | Abhyangam - 2 therapies | Pinda Sweda (Podi Kizi) - 2 therapies IShort Consultation | Pinda Sweda (Podi Kizi) with Virechana | Shirodhara - 3 therapies | Nasya | Short Consultation | Mukka Lepam with Pada Abhyangam | Hridya Vasti and Netra Dara - 2 therapies | Netra Vasti | Nabhi Purnam with Netra Dara | Consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor - 30 minute


Duration: 15 days

Standard price: 1 699 lv. Package price: 1 274 lv.



Ayurveda healingThe healing package is intended for patients with more serious conditions and diseas.

A combination of therapies is applied to the affected part of the body or to the whole body. The healing approach is entirely individual.

Clearing the body from toxins significantly increases the chances to improve our health. The Ayurveda PACKAGE starts with a series of Ud­vertanam and Abhyangam therapies that work in the direction of detoxification - they open the body micro-channels and remove the block­ages; thus, they detoxify the body and prepare it for the next series of specific treatment therapies with specially selected natural herbal products.

Through the various procedures, a large number of healing ingredients go into the body that are proven to be effective. Different types of medicated oils are used, which were prepared according to original formulas which were proven over the centuries to bring health and joy.

Includes the following therapies with individually selected medicated oils:

Udvurtanam - 2 therapies | Abhyangam - 3 therapies | Short Consultation | Pinda Sweda (Podi Kizi) - 5 therapies | Short Consultation | Shiro Dhara - 5 therapies | Short Consultation | Shiro Dhara | Ekangha Kayaseka, Partial Pizichil or special therapy on the affected area - 4 therapies | Short Consultation | Ekangha Kayaseka, Partial Pizichil, or a special therapy on the affected area - 2 therapies | Nasya | Mukha Lepam with Pada Abhyangam | Hridya Vasti with Netra Dhara | Short Consultation | Hridya Vasti and Netra Dhara | Netra Vasti | Nabhi Purnam and Netra Dhara | Mukha Lepam with Pada Abhyangam | Abhyangam | Consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor - 30 minute


Duration: 30 day

Standard price: 3 123 lv. Package price: 2 186 lv.



Ayurveda Packet ProfiAyurveda PROPHY is particularly suitable for patients who have had the CARE and CURING packages and as a continuation of any other program that aims at maintaining a good health.

When it comes to health, everybody should be proactive, as the prophylaxis and prevention are always preferable to treatment.

In our lives, often we are faced with many obstacles that come our way, break the normal rhythm of our daily life and can devastate our lives. Environmental pollution, harmful food, unnatural lifestyles, poor eating habits, work stress and many other factors can affect our health in an unpredictable way.

The lack of knowledge of our own body and mind can raise an insurmountable barrier that can prevent us from protecting ourselves from the harmful ex­ternal influences; that can result in having disorders like high blood pressure, abnormal organ function, overweight, diabetes and many others.

Ayurveda Package PROPHY is specially designed by us as an "immunization" against diseases. Do not wait for the disease to come, keep it away from your­self!

The package includes the following therapies with indi­vidually selected medicated oils:

Udvurtanam | Abhyangam- 2 therapies | Mukha Lepam and Pada Abhyangam | Abhyangam and Nasya | Short consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor


Duration: 5 days

Standard price: 626 lv. Package price: 532 lv.



KIDS PACKAGEChildren need special care during the period of their growth, as the proper development of the body and mind is the foundation upon which a complete strong person is built. The healthier a person is in his childhood, the better future can he expect in his adulthood.

By stimulating the body cells and strengthening the body's natural functions, the program helps the child create a rhythm that favours the proper function­ing of the body and mind.

An additional effect of the package is the reducing of the stress, which leads to better education and training results of the child.

The KIDS pack is especially useful for adolescents engaged in sports: it strengthens joints and muscles, and thus it prevents them from future traumas and injuries due to overexertion and overloading of the body.

The program has a beneficial effect on the function of the sensory organs - eyes, ears, nose; it stimulates the brain cells and contributes to the enhancement of the intellectual abilities.

The KIDS, Package ncludes the following therapies with individually selected medicated oils:

Shiro Abhyangam | Shiro Lepam I Abhyangam - 2 therapies | Ab­hyangam with Nasya | Short consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor


Duration: 5 days

Standard price: 536 lv. Package price: 456 lv.



• Before starting with any of the Packages, it is advisable for the patient to undergo an Initial consultation at Ayurveda Clinic Sofia.

• The Consultation is carried out by Dr. Mahesh Garzhe, an Ayurvedic Specialist.

• • After the Initial Consultation, individual diet and Lifestyle Recommendations are prepared and herbal medications are prescribed.

• The medications are not included in the package price.