Clinic for natural treatment of all diseases


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a natural treatment of more than 5000 years, which successfully treats all diseases.

Whatever you suffer, just book consultation to stay healthy and vital.

Holistic treatment successfully applied to children.

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In Ayurveda Clinic Sofia we carry out consultation and diagnostics, as well as Ayuvedic therapies.

Dr.Mahesh Garzhe and Dr. Mohini Garzhe are licensed doctors with great experience, graduated a university for conventional medicine and then university for Ayurveda

The therapies are conducted by qualified Indian therapists, who have worked in Kerala, India.

In Ayuvedic treatment and therapies are used only genuine products produced by the best company in India

Important: Do not drink alcohol on the day of consultation. The intake of coffee, tea or food is at least 1 hour before the consultation.
Difficult conception
30 Yanko Sakuzov Boulevard, Sofia 1504
Monday - Friday :
09:00 - 20:00

Saturday :
10:00 - 18:00

Sunday :
10:00 - 18:00
(Only for therapies)
In Sofia we carry out treatment and prevention mainly. In Bansko is done detox program called Panchakarma together with treatment

Price list for the Ayurvedic procedures
First consultation 60 min120 BGN
Second consultation 30 min70 BGN
Second consultation 12 min30 BGN
Classic and Ayurvedic Massage
Classic massage50 min80 BGN
Ayurvedical Massage60 min100 BGN
(Ayurvedic massage is light, it aims to balance the energy in the body)
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  • Special thanks to Dr. Mahesh and his team for their efforts! I am very pleased with the procedures, Ayurveda really change the worldview! ...
    Ani Sav.
  • Hello,   A few weeks ago I visited the clinic to meet Dr. Mahesh.   The occasion was a huge thorn bones in my daughter's 11th year.   I never thought that at first glance, such a minor problem could be such a big problem!   We've been trying everything for months. I could publish a book of recipes for healing Thorns, but none helped.   I met with conventional me...
  • This is my favorite clinic for Indian healing in Bulgaria! The attitude, the apparatus, the doctors and the whole medical institution are organized on an extremely high level! Well done! ...
    Asya M.
  • A great clinic with great patient care. I would certainly visit again! ...
    Vanya S.
  • The level of Ayurveda Sofia is very high! For years I have been teaching Ayurveda methods, and so far I have always had remarks. But not here. ...
    A. S.
  • I cannot describe the pleasure and the energy that I am fulfilled after my visit to Dr. Mahesh. The Ayurveda medicine is phenomenal! ...
    A. Tsenkova
  • For the first time I visited Dr. Mahesh at the clinic in Bansko and I had very positive feedback on their Ayurveda treatment. It's great that they opened doors in Sofia and that they work all year round. I did not know it was possible, but the level is even higher! ...
    Milla S.
  • About half a year ago, I wrote an interview for Ayurvedic Clinic Sofia in the hope of finding a cure for a long-term weight problem. I suffer from a mild form of anorexia and I'm trying to force weight in the last 2 years. The clinic was adopted by Indian physician Dr. Mahesh, who patiently listened, recording any symptoms review my preliminary research and does refer with great warmth and ...
    Anna Chavdarova
  • If you are looking for treatment of your disease Ayurveda Sofia is your clinic! We support you with both hands! A great clinic and great treatment that results. Well, of course, a lot of perseverance and dedication is required, but things are finally happening. Dr. Mahesh is a doctor who knows what he's doing, has a lot of experience and explains calmly and competently things. I recommend i...
    Dafina Iurukova
  • Thank you for the wonderful attitude, professional counseling, diagnostics and treatment! I wish you a lot of successes in the new year! ...
    Y. Yosifova
  • Ayurveda Clinic Sofia is a place that every woman should visit! I have spent my time well, I got rid of toxins and negative thoughts! ...
    Nevena R.
  • Thanks to Dr. Mahesh and everyone else in the team who taught me the Ayurvedic philosophy and how to care for my body and mind! ...
    Snezhana F.
  • Special thanks to Dr. Mahesh and Teo for the perfect attitude, professionalism and well-prepared program. I learned a lot, changed my diet completely, I feel much lighter and more energized! ...
    Marina L.
  • I have visited the clinic many times in Bansko and I only had positive reviews about it! It is great that they opened a clinic in Sofia, because sometimes it is difficult to leave the work in the city and go to the mountains for the weekend. Now I can take advantage whenever I want it! ...
    Stela T.
  • You support a wonderful Blog with very useful information. I have sent a request already and cannot wait to visit the clinic - I have ONLY positive feedback from my friends. ...
    Nadya N.
  • The clinic is great - luxurious, clean, courteous and attentive. All the massages were new to me, and since I knew about Ayurveda, I was very motivated to follow its philosophy. ...
    Wonderful clinic
  • We have great memories of your therapies in Bansko and for a long time we have been waiting for you to open in Sofia! Great News! ...
    We have waited for you to open doors in Sofia!
  • The clinic is new, very clean and comfortable, and I also have no remarks on the procedures! Very well done, I'm glad you have opened doors in Sofia too! ...
    Wonderful clinic!