Clinic for natural treatment of all diseases


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a natural treatment of more than 5000 years, which successfully treats all diseases.

Whatever you suffer, just book consultation to stay healthy and vital.

Holistic treatment successfully applied to children.

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In Ayurveda Clinic Sofia we carry out consultation and diagnostics, as well as Ayuvedic therapies.

Dr.Mahesh Garje and Dr. Mohini Garje are licensed doctors with great experience, graduated a university for conventional medicine and then university for Ayurveda

The therapies are conducted by qualified Indian therapists, who have worked in Kerala, India.

In Ayuvedic treatment and therapies are used only genuine products produced by the best company in India

Important: Do not drink alcohol on the day of consultation. The intake of coffee, tea or food is at least 1 hour before the consultation.
Boulevard "Yanko Sakuzov"N30 Sofia 1504
Mon - Fri: :
09:00 - 18:00
Saturnday :
10:00 - 18:00
Sunday :
Day off
In Sofia we carry out treatment and prevention mainly. In Bansko is done detox program called Panchakarma together with treatment

Price list for the Ayurvedic procedures
First consultation 60 min.110 BGN
Second consultation 30 min60 BGN
Classic and Ayurvedic Massage
Classic massage50 min.80 BGN
Ayurvedical Massage60 min.100 BGN
(Ayurvedic massage is light, it aims to balance the energy in the body)
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  • We have great memories of your therapies in Bansko and for a long time we have been waiting for you to open in Sofia! Great News! ...
    We have waited for you to open doors in Sofia!
  • The clinic is new, very clean and comfortable, and I also have no remarks on the procedures! Very well done, I'm glad you have opened doors in Sofia too! ...
    Wonderful clinic!