Clinic for natural treatment of all diseases


How are therapies conducted?

Before the therapy

  • You are required to book a time convenient for you for ayurvedic therapy. It is recommended that you have conducted ayurvedic consultation prior to treatment.
  • It is recommended not to have had dynamic physical exercises 30 minutes before the therapy. Your pulse is to be normal and calm. Please make sure you have at least 2 astronomical hours without stress of your daily schedule if you want to visit the clinic for treatment.
  • Do not use cosmetics on your skin

During the ayurvedic therapy

  • Please lay on the ayurvedic therapeutic couch calmly. Relax your body and take convenient position. During the first therapies it is likely to have increased discomfort due to the specific shape of the massage area surface. Ayurvedic therapeutic couches straighten spine and correct bad posture by force. The chest opens, to improve breathing during therapy. The surface is hard in order to balance therapist’s pressure and in addition to obtain good effect on the body.
  • Watch carefully and intentionally the movements the therapists makes. During the therapy, try to check the warmth of the healing herbal product and if needed ask the therapists to correct it, if you feel strong discomfort. It is possible however, for the purposes of the therapy to have administration temperature from higher to burning level.
  • Follow strictly all directions of the therapists and inform them if anything is not clear.
  • The use of thermal procedure in the steam bath is strictly individual. The time is fixed by the therapists, but if you feel strong discomfort before its finishing, inform us immediately.
  • Taking a shower after the treatment is done by the therapists’ permission

After the therapy

  • It is compulsory to take a rest for 30 minutes. It is important not to hurry, run or strain after the therapy.
  • Take a shower after the rest.
  • You can drink only warm water if you feel thirsty.

If the weather is cold or the sunlight is strong, make sure you have suitable clothes after therapy. For cold weather, it is very important to have a minimum stay outside.In hot weather, it is better to protect your skin because of risk of fast burning.  

Prepare clothes that may have contact with the remaining part of the medical herbal oil. It has specific smell and texture.