How do the therapies at the Sofia Ayurveda Clinic work?

Here is what you can expect before, during and after the therapies at Ayurveda Clinic Sofia.
Abangyam therapy

Before therapy

• Be sure to book a convenient time for the Ayurvedic therapy, in which you will be relaxed and not in a hurry.

• It is recommended that you have an initial Ayurvedic consultation before the therapy.

• It is desirable that 30 minutes before the procedure there is no serious physical exertion, and your heart rate is normal and calm.

• Allow at least 2 astronomical hours without tension if you want to visit the clinic for therapy.

• It is desirable that no cosmetic products are placed on the skin.

During Ayurvedic therapy

• Lie down comfortably on the Ayurvedic therapy couch. Relax your body and get comfortable.
• During the first treatments, discomfort is possible due to the specific shape of the therapeutic couch, which corrects incorrect posture.
• Carefully and consciously observe the movements that the therapists perform.
• It is possible to use highly heated medicinal herbal products for the purposes of the procedure. In case of discomfort, ask the therapists to adjust the temperature.
• Follow all instructions from the therapists strictly and inform them if something is not clear to you.
• Thermal procedures in the steam bath are strictly individual. If you feel discomfort before the appointed time is over, inform the therapists immediately.
• Taking a shower after the end of the procedure is done with the permission of the therapists.
During therapy

After therapy

Be sure to rest for at least 20 minutes. It is important not to rush, run or exert yourself after the therapy.
After the 20-minute break, you can take a shower.
If you feel thirsty, you can only drink warm water.
If the weather outside is cold or the sun is strong, make sure you have appropriate clothing.
In cold weather, it is very important to have a minimum stay outdoors and in low temperatures.
Prepare clothing that may come into contact with residual medicinal herbal oil. It has a specific smell and consistency.

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