Clinic for natural treatment of all diseases


How does Ayurveda treat diseases?

Ayurvedic medicine has a specific approach for treating, differing from the conventional medicine methods.

It is applied for:

  • Lifestyle changes - daily schedule, diet, physical activity, simple home treatments, psychological attitude.
  • Specific therapeutic ayurvedic procedures and therapies – for example methods of Purvakarma and Panchakarma
  • Intake of herbal medicinal products - created by different methods from herbs, minerals, or both
  • Intake of mineral products - made of purified metals or mineral substances.

Two main directions of treatment directed to the body are used:

1. Shamana - palliative treatment

It restores the balance disorders of Doshas (body structures: Pitta, Vata and Kapha). It is used in early stages of the disease.

2. Shodana – purification treatment. It takes out the excess Dosha from the body. It is used in late stages of the disease.

Methods addressed to mental imbalance:

1. Dee – improving the level of intelligence

2. Dhairya – increasing confidence

3. Atmavijnana – Awareness of the problem causing the mental state, as a method for eliminating imbalance.

The ayurvedic doctor specializes in treatment of all kinds of diseases, which gives him the confidence to apply healing methods necessary for stabilizing and restoring everyone’s health.