Ayurvedic herbal products

By visiting the Ayurvedic Clinic, you will have the opportunity to purchase authentic products made in India.

They are part of the therapeutic treatment and are based on recipes encoded in the ancient sutras.

Bilkovi produkti

What are the benefits of using Ayurvedic herbal products?

Ayurvedic herbal products are natural remedies. They are appointed individually and after a consultation with a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine.
They participate in the improvement of physiological processes.
They accelerate the change of the disease process to health.
They help to deal with the imbalance in the energy state.
Strengthen general health to cope with stress, tension and environmental pollution.
They purify the digestive system and improve the processes of digestion and absorption of food.
They calm the mind and strengthen mental abilities.
They improve memory, intelligence and sensory perception.
They improve the energy flow in the body, strengthen cellular functions and rejuvenate the body.
The combination of several products has a synergistic effect and targets the state of imbalance in the given patient.

Specificity of Indian herbal products

These are not symptomatic products and are not simply prescribed based on an available diagnosis from a distance and without consulting a doctor.
They have no harmful side effects, they are made from herbs and minerals.
They have different “potency” or characteristic force of impact.
Each product has many directions of action, which requires its prescription by an Ayurvedic doctor.
They cannot be compared with homeopathic, pharmacological or any other type of medicine.
They have no contraindications for mixing with products from conventional medicine.
They do not replace the action of drugs prescribed by your doctor.
They are used in conjunction with a comprehensive lifestyle change plan prescribed by an Indian physician.
It is desirable to continue the reception until the complete disappearance of health complaints.

Do not change the dosage or time of taking Ayurvedic herbal products without the advice of the Ayurvedic doctor.

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