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Ayurveda Clinic Sofia specialises in therapies such as Purvakarma and Panchakarma. The Clinic offers specialised consultancy on general and specific health, as well as high quality herbal Ayurveda products. Ayurveda Clinic Sofia strives to meet the high expectations of its visitors regarding the products and services offered. For this purpose the Clinic endeavours to establish a personalised approach to each client by collecting information about their preferences. Our visitors’ privacy is a priority for the clinic and our goal is to protect and retain our clients’ trust by committing to providing them with detailed information on the private data received and used by us as provided by visitors using our website, services and products.



The present website is maintained, controlled and owned by Ayurveda Clinic Sofia. All visitors are informed about how the Clinic uses the data it receives through the website. Ayurveda Clinic Sofia can only share the information received with specially selected partners. The information provided by the visitors is added to our database to provide online messages. Visitors do not have to provide ID information. It should be noted that Ayurveda Clinic Sofia is not responsible for the privacy policy of third parties or their websites. If necessary, we recommend that you contact them and obtain information about the third-party regulations, measures, and policies regarding the security of the personal data obtained through the use of their website.

In the event that a visitor chooses not to provide the information, this may affect the ability to perform certain operations and use certain features of the website. If an e-mail address for contact is not given, this may affect the processing of a request or reservation made online and the user may not receive an appropriate answer.

Any questions, recommendations and comments about Ayurveda Clinic Sofia or our privacy policy are to be addressed to:

Mobile phone number: + 359 999 222 555

Free line: 0800 10 444

Address: Ayurveda Clinic Sofia,

30 Yanko Sakazov Boulevard


GPS coordinates

N 42.6963198

E 23.3396373


The confidentiality of the information received by our visitors is our highest priority. Access to the information necessary for the personal identification of our users is only possible by our users during and after the process of registering a request. Ayurveda Clinic Sofia seeks to provide the highest level of protection for credit card information, addresses, names, email addresses and any other personal information provided by visitors when filling up booking, survey and other forms on our website. Ayurveda Clinic Sofia has implemented all standard systems and measures to ensure maximum protection for the information obtained through the use of the website.

Through our site, we provide links to sites of other companies that have a separate policy and apply different practices to protect and secure personal data and user information.

Ayurveda Clinic Sofia is not responsible for the policies and practices of third parties and their websites.



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In case you visit Ayurveda Clinic Sofia's website, using these plugins, a connection is established between your browser and the Facebook server. In this way, Facebook gets information about your visit from a specific IP address. In the event that you click on the "Similar" button on Facebook while logged into your Facebook account, you will link the content of our website to your Facebook.

As the site owner, we should note that we do not receive any information about the content of the data, as well as about how it is used by Facebook. If you wish to receive additional information, you can check out Facebook's Privacy Policy at the following link:

In case you do not wish for Facebook to connect your visit with your Facebook account, you should log out of it.


A cookie is a micro text file that is sent to the visitor's browser from a web server and stored on the visitor's computer's hard drive. The text file assigns a unique distinctive identifier to the computer. This is the visitor's identification card in case the visitor re-enters our website. Cookies aim to save time for visitors as they help us provide a personalised experience without the need for the visitor to remind us of their preferences each time they return to our web pages. Ayurveda Clinic Sofia Cookies cannot harm visitors' files or read or copy information from the hard drive of the computer system used by the visitor or their mobile phone.


Cookies help us to deliver a personalised online experience to our clients by performing the following functions:

            - they remember users’ names and passwords for future visits. In this way logging into the site is faster and easier.

- ensure users are provided with the necessary frames and content;

            - provide users with the necessary and sought information.

They help us deliver our services and products.

In accordance with article 33 of the Bulgarian Bar Act the present notice and its attachments are immune and shall not be subject to inspection, copy or seizure and shall not be used as evidence.
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