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Ayurveda massage

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda has been known to mankind for 5,000 years. In translation from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means "science of life" or "practice of longevity". It was developed and invented by ancient yogas called "Rishi". Throughout centuries of observations, practicing, discussions and meditation they came to the knowledge of the human body.

Initially, the knowledge was delivered orally from a teacher to a pupil. In the 4th - 5th centuries before the New Age, the first Sanskrit texts appeared. The medical guides were written by healers such as Charaka, Surshuta and Vagbhat. In them, they described in detail techniques, herbs, oils and Ayurvedic massages to perform both cleansing of the body and the spirit. Yoga exercises were also explained in detail that enhance the actions of all of the above-mentioned methods for achieving harmony and excellent health.

Everyone could do them and stay young. These texts described how exactly to perform the massages, when is the most appropriate time according to each person's body. They explained how much and in what order they needed to be done. For each person they recommended individual oils.

Everyone wishes to have good health and to feel comfortable in their own body. The body is made up of many components, one of which is of essential importance. This is our skin.

Massages with oils in Ayurveda | Ayurvedasofia.bgDo you treat your skin as one organ?

The skin is the outer casing of our body, it protects the muscles, bones, tissues and organs of the human organism. It plays the role of a firewall that protects us from the outside world as an organism. In addition to washing, it needs hydration and toning with a touch. The skin is also an organ that absorbs the substances that we smear over it. This way we keep it healthy and allow it to fulfill its protective function.

In Ayurveda, the oils used cleanse, nourish and heal

Ayurveda influences the skiing through oils, as well as on all organs, tissues and bones in the human body. The touch and movements in the Ayurvedic massage are consistent with the muscles, the lymph and the nervous system, so that massage movements can help them function properly.

Our body accumulates toxins and heavy metals. They move along the blood vessels and the lymphatic system. Their cleansing is done through the sweat glands and the urinary system.

After a consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor or a therapist, Ayurvedic procedures are assigned to the needs of the body at the given time. Oils are selected and special Ayurvedic massages are prescribed for the particular person.

The warmed oils with which the body is smeared penetrate both the skin and the organs and help in their cleansing, nourishment and healing.

The human body contains a large percentage of water. It cannot get some of the toxins and heavy metals out. For this purpose, organic fats are needed to penetrate and filter unnecessary substances in the body. In Ayurveda this is achieved with the help of various medicated oils and massages. The formation of toxins in the body is the result of food, water, air, the level of our daily workload, thinking and passing through different emotional states. It is desirable for everyone to pay attention and take care their own body because all these factors affect our endocrine system.

Main types of massages in Ayurveda | Ayurvedasofia.bgWhat are Ayurvedic Massages?

In Ayurvedic massages, the focus of procedures is on cleansing the body and restoring it according to the different types of people. In Ayurveda they are divided into Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. In translation from Sanskrit Dosha means "consistency.” Vata is the "movement", Pitta is "the energy", Kapha is "the place where all the processes happen". Massaging also provides beauty and rejuvenation of the person who undergoes such procedures.

The absorbed oil by the skin helps restore its structure and elasticity. In this way it becomes healthy and with natural shine. Pimples, unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles are removed and sensitivity is restored.

Ayurvedic massage aims at physical, mental, emotional and complete energy recovery of the individual. Therefore, each massage starts from the head.

According to ancient Ayurvedic healers, in the human body, just under the skin, there are 107 points (called MARMA). Most are located in the head and neck area (37 in total). For this reason, special attention is paid to this area of the body. In classical texts about Ayurveda it is written that when there is an imbalance in Vita, Pitta, Kapha, the illnesses begin to appear. For thousands of years, the practice and influence of massages and oils used for healing procedures have been established. Massages can help restore the functions of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).

Vata - ether and air in Ayurveda | Ayurvedasofia.bgVata dosha

It consists of the elements ether and air.

Ether is the space we absorb with physical presence, and the air element is the air that we breathe in and that becomes life energy.

Imbalances in the Vata dosha have symptoms associated with the motor system. This includes the bones - they get thin and become more fragile, the joints become stiff and the movements are restricted. Reduced absorption of nutrients is observed, resulting in poor body structure and weight loss. There may be anxiety, irritability, agitation, insomnia. There is a lack of concentration, difficulties with long-term memory appear (rapid forgetting).

The return of Vata to balance, except for a diet, is achieved with a light relaxing massage. It is performed in a warm room with relaxing music. Hot and warming oils (pre-warmed) are used to penetrate deep into the skin. It is best to use sesame oil to influence nerve disruptions and improve mental functions.

Besides it, almond and olive oil are suitable. A few drops of essential oils can be added to the base oils for better effect (jasmine, rose, musk, lotus, carnation). There are also ready-made Ayurvedic oils containing a combination of herbs. Daily massage before bathing will give a positive result in balancing of the dosha.

Pitta - fire and water in Ayurveda | Ayurvedasofia.bgPitta dosha

It consists of the elements fire and water.

Fire is obtained from the absorption of the food and its energy. Water is the absorption of all fluids from the body for metabolic processes.

When an imbalance occurs in Pitta dosha, indigestion, flatulence and a swollen abdomen are observed. The desire to drink fluids is increased. To improve it, we recommend specific foods and exercises. Problems with eyes, difficulty in judging situations, headaches, migraines appear. During the summer season, swelling of the lymphs and the appearance of pigmentation, freckles. There is a risk of cardiovascular disease, blood vessel problems. There is a feeling of constant hunger, hyperactivity, excitement, nervousness, rage.

For this type of dosha, coconut oil massages are best suited. This oil balances the body temperature and achieves a cooling effect. In the base oil, for a bigger effect, a few drops of essential oils can be added. They influence the different levels of imbalance (sandalwood, patchouli, lavender, mint, saffron).

In summer, when the skin is exposed to sunlight, neem oil may be added to the base oil, helping to restore it quickly. In winter, massages can be made with warm ghee, sesame oil or Ayurvedic oil for Pitta. The daily massage will bring balance and confidence in the daily life of people with Pitta Dosha disorders.

Kapha - earth and water in Ayurveda | Ayurvedasofia.bgKapha dosha

It consists of the elements earth and water. Earth is the structure and weight of our body.

In Kapha imbalance there is weight gain, depressive states, fear, anxiety, affection, lethargy, a tendency to develop diabetes. It affects long-term memory (forget about things from the past). Common colds and pains in the lungs begin. More sputum is formed, cough occurs, cholesterol is increased. The whole body feels heavy, fatigue, lack of desire for movement, swelling is observed. The body forms more secretions, as a result of which the sinuses are blocked and a sinusitis occurs.

Metabolism boosting foods and everyday physical activities are recommended. Massages with warmed oils - mustard, sunflower, corn, flax, are made to restore the balance. Essential oils can be added to these (cinnamon, eucalyptus, cedar, pine, ginger oil).

In Kapha, the focus is on activating and removing the accumulated mucus in the body. Suitable for this purpose are dry massages (udavartam). They are made by specially prepared for each client cotton bags filled with herbs and dipped in warm oil. Massage is done by two therapists with energetic patting all over the body. This activates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Regular Ayurvedic massage helps people with Kapha Dosha to be energetic, in good shape and with a positive charge.

Abhyanga massage and therapy | Ayurvedasofia.bgAbhyanga

One of the main massages in Ayurveda, called ABHYANGA, affects Vata (movement of body fluids as well as joint mobility). It is done with slight circular movements from head to toe.

The oil is warm and besides being absorbed by the skin, it also affects our nervous system. It alleviates the accumulated tension and produces positive thoughts. Repeated movements on and around the joints nourish them and make them more elastic.

After such a massage, it is advisable to take a relaxing sauna. In this way the oils penetrate deep into the skin and the toxins are cleansed through sweating.

It is desirable to stay longer with the oil (1-3 hours) before bathing. For the bath, the soaps used are herbal and oil based. When the skin is healthy, corn or barley flour can be used to remove the remaining non-absorbed by the skin oil. This removes the dead skin and unclogs the pores.

After the massage the body is restored and toned. The Ayurveda massage is aimed at restoring the functions of the body. That's why is good that the massager is aware of their intentions. During the procedures, it is good to be alert and focused on your particular malaise. Thus, the effect will be complete on both physical and mental level. In this way, the result of the procedure itself will be complete for the massager.