How to take care of your body, face and hair according to Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic medicine offers a variety of herbal products and procedures to maintain good health of body and mind.

This ancient holistic science pays serious attention to both the type of hair and the condition of the skin on the face.

They give a direct indication of what a person’s health is and are closely related to our definition of overall beauty.

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What general care should we take for the body?

A very pleasant procedure in body care is Abhyangam.

It is part of the Panchakarma system – healing therapy for internal detoxification, disposal of free radicals and heavy metals.

In Abhyangam, a full body massage is performed using various types of herbal oil – coconut, sesame and mustard.

In addition to procedures like the one mentioned, many medicinal Ayurvedic products also help us to improve our health in general:
Chyavanaprasam strengthens the health and the good tone of the body.
Rajatha Bhasmam Capsule renews and rejuvenates tissues.
Ajaswagandhadi Leham improves muscle strength.
Jathyadi Kera Tailam included in the treatment of various types of wounds.
Thriphaladi Tailam improves eyesight.
Nalpamaradi Soap helps the healthy appearance of the skin.
Brahmee Tailam calms the mind and improves sleep.
Manasamithra Vatakam has a balancing effect on the mind.
Brahma Rasayanam enhances memory.
Of course, all these products should be prescribed individually, after consultation with an Ayurvedic specialist.

What does Ayurveda advise us about facial skin?

Ancient medical science pays special attention to the skin, as it can be used to judge our state of health.

Ayurveda offers a variety of herbal mixtures that can improve the condition of the facial skin.

Among the herbs that have this beneficial effect are:
• Turmeric
• Sandalwood
• Saffron
• Ushera
• Sariva
• Manjita and others.

Face therapy
They can affect a number of skin problems such as oily and dry skin, acne, dark spots and dark circles, eczema and hyperpigmentation.

Ayurvedic massages and face masks

Massages and face masks are used to heal the skin.
Massages clean the skin surface and improve blood circulation, and masks have a rejuvenating and regenerating effect.
Kunkumadi Tailam and Nalpamaradi Kera Tailam are used for massaging with oil, improving the general appearance of the skin.
Eladi Churnam is a mask that is prepared with yogurt, coconut oil or rose water. It is needed when increased pigmentation needs to be treated.
Tiktakam Kwatham is used to treat acne, while Vranaropana Tailam – to treat scars
Satadutha Ghritham is used for sunburns on the face.

How to keep our hair healthy and beautiful?

Ayurveda provides many ways to improve the health and beauty of hair.

Herbs and nutritional supplements like praval, amala and brigaraj help for natural growth. Meanwhile, some types of oil contribute to maintaining the natural shine.

In order to achieve hair loss, various skin diseases of the scalp, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis usually “help”.

All these disease states can be affected by Ayurvedic products:

Hair oil
Washing your hair with triphala decoction is considered the best natural shampoo.
Hair masks also have a beneficial effect, for example, the one with henna helps to maintain the color of the hair.
Traiphala Ghritam is used for hair fall problems and Nilibringadi Kera Tailam is also suitable to stop this unpleasant process.
Dandruff and various scalp problems are treated with Ayyappalakera Tailam and Dhurdhurapatradi Kera Tailam.
Mahatiktam Kwatham and Kayyanyadi Tailam are used to deal with premature graying of hair.
The treatments and products mentioned are just a few of all the ways Ayurveda can help improve the health of the body, face, hair and mind.

If you want to solve your health problems in a pleasant way, do not hesitate to tap into the wisdom of this ancient science!

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