Services offered in Ayurveda Clinic Sofia

Ayurveda Clinic Sofia specializes in the following services:

In case of diseases or health disorders

Anamnesis taken from the patient’s data
Review of medical records, if available
Pulse diagnostics conducted by an Indian Ayurvedic doctor
Determination of Prakruti (birth constitution)
Determination of Vikruti (imbalances in Vata – Pitta – Kapha energies)
Clarification of the causes of the occurrence of the specific disease
Recommendations for lifestyle changes – nutrition, physical activity, food preparation, use of spices and herbs
Recommendations for the use of herbal Ayurvedic products
Tracking the status and effect of applied changes

If you are healthy and curious about Ayurveda

Determination of Prakruti (birth constitution)
Recommendations for lifestyle principles and health preservation
Advice on nutrition, physical activity, use of spices and herbs
Recommendations of products with a general firming and anti-aging effect

Ayurvedic therapies and thermal treatments

• Therapies anointing the whole body with medicinal herbal oil;
• Partial body oiling therapies;
• Thermal procedures in a steam bath enriched with medicinal herbs or oil steam;
• Medicinal herbal powder therapies;
• Cosmetic procedures with a rejuvenating effect;
• Specific medical therapies for rare health problems;
• Classical and therapeutic massages to influence physical problems.
Ayurveda Procedures
Herbal products

Sale of Ayurvedic herbal products

• Products in tablet form from pressed herbs, herbal decoctions and mineral substances;
• Capsule products – herbal powder, medicinal oil extract, herbal decoctions and mineral substances;
• Herbal powders;
• Alcoholic and aqueous extracts of herbs and minerals;
• Products based on Ghee, honey and unrefined sugar;
• Medicinal herbal oils;
• Herbal eye, nose and ear drops;
• And many other products.
Ayurvedic medicine has a wide range of approaches and covers all types of disease states or health disorders.

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