Clinic for natural treatment of all diseases


Ayurveda Clinic Sofia is specialized in the following services:

Consultation for determining problems associated with diseases or disorders of health condition

  • Case history taken by information provided by the patient
  • Review of medical documentation, if any
  • Pulse diagnosis, carried out by Indian ayurvedic doctor
  • Identification of Prakruti (body shape by birth)
  • Identification of Vikruti (available imbalances in the energy systems of Vata – Pitta – Kapha)
  • Clarification of the reasons for the emergence of a particular disease
  • Recommendations for lifestyle change - advice on diet, physical activity, method of food preparation, spices and herbs using
  • Recipe for using of herbal ayurvedic products and method of their use, with explanations for their effect.
  • Option for second consultation, for follow-ups of the condition over the time and the effects of the applied changes.

If you're healthy and curious to Ayurvedic science

  • Identification of Prakruti (body shape by birth)
  • Recommendations for principles of lifestyle for protecting health and its optimization - advice on diet, physical activity, spices and herbs using
  • Recipe for products having general invigorating and anti-aging effect

Ayurvedic therapies and heat treatments

  • Therapies for oiling the whole body with healing herb oil
  • Partial oiling of the body
  • Heat treatments in steam bath enriched with herbs or oil vapor
  • Therapies with healing herb powder
  • Cosmetic procedures with rejuvenating effect
  • Specific healing therapies for rare health problems
  • Classical and medical massages with overall response to physical problems

Sale of ayurvedic herbal products

  • Productsbycompressed herbs, herbal potions, minerals in the form of tablets
  • Products in capsule - herbal powder, healing oil extract, herbal potions, minerals
  • Herbal powders
  • Alcoholic and aqueous extracts of herbs and minerals
  • Products made of Ghee, honey,raw sugar
  • Healing herbal oils
  • Herbal drops for eyes, nose, ears

And many other products.

Ayurvedic medicine has a wide range of services and covers all types of medical conditions or health disorders.