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Principles of Diagnostic Methods in Ayurveda

When you visit our clinic, you will be able to conduct ayurvedic consultation with Indian doctor. During your meeting with him you will receive a diagnosis for your specific health condition.

What are the principles and methods by which it works?

1. Darshana – Detailed observation of the patient – body shape, tone of voice, dynamics of gestures, hair condition, surface temperature of the skin, turgor, texture, colour, posture, gait, etc.

2. Sparshana – Examination by touching – palpation of the body to feel the tone of the muscles and tendon, specific diagnosis of pulse rate in the area of both wrists.

 3. Prashna – open conversation by using provocative questions by the doctor to examine in detail the background of the disease or health condition - if there is medical documentation (epicrisis, blood tests, imaging, pharmacological or alternative treatment), daily schedule of life, diet, habits, work environment, surrounding environment where the person lives.

The ayurvedic doctor will check the following aspects:

  • Nidana – causes, etiology status
  • Pragrupa – Purvarupa– appearance of early symptoms, warning symptoms
  • Lakshana – specific signs and symptoms together with their clinical manifestation
  • Upashayaa – diagnostic tests for differential diagnosis
  • Apti – Samprapti – pathogenesis of the condition

Whether you're healthy or sick, you can visit our clinic to determine your overall condition.On one hand, the consultation may refer you to health prevention or early detection of a disease process which already started. On the other hand, to determine seriousness of the disease and to determine in what direction your treatment should be focused.

Ayurvedic consultation is extremely important, in order to determine:

  • Recommendations for healthy lifestyle
  • Determining of appropriate ayurvedic therapy
  • Preparation of individual recipe for taking ayurvedic herbal products
  • Prognosis for future condition of the general health or course of the treatment process.

The participation of ayurvedic doctor is an integral part of implementation of the methods of Indian science of life.