Principles of diagnosis in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda Clinic Sofia, patients can have an Ayurvedic consultation with a qualified Indian doctor.

During the examination, the patient will receive both an opinion on their specific health condition and recommendations for its improvement.

Principi na diagnostikata

What are the diagnostic methods?

The examination and consultation are based on several different diagnostic methods, namely:
Darsana: detailed observation of the patient – body shape, voice strength, gesture dynamics, hair condition, skin surface temperature, turgor, texture, color, posture, gait, etc.
Sparsana: examination by touch – touch the body to feel the tone of the muscles and tendons, specific diagnosis of the pulse rate in the area of both wrists.
Prasna: an open conversation with provocative questions by the doctor – review of medical documentation, getting to know the history of the disease, information about the daily regimen, diet, habits, work environment, surrounding environment, etc.

Which manifestations of the disease are taken into account?

Regardless of whether you are healthy or sick, at Ayurveda Clinic Sofia you can get an assessment of your health status based on:

• Nidana: causes and etiology of the condition
• Pragrupa – Purvarupa: appearance of early or warning symptoms
• Lakshana: specific signs and symptoms with their clinical presentation
• Upashayaa: diagnostic tests for differential diagnosis
• Apti – Samprapti: Pathogenesis of the condition

Depending on the established trends, the doctor may refer you to prevention, to early treatment of an incipient disease process, or to a treatment program for an advanced disease.

Pregled 2

What recommendations will you get after the Ayurvedic consultation?

At the end of the consultation, patients receive guidance from the Ayurvedic doctor in the form of:
Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle
Determining the appropriate Ayurvedic therapy
Individual prescription for taking Ayurvedic herbal products
Prediction of the general health or progress of the healing process.
The active participation of the Ayurvedic practitioner and the patient in the healing process is an integral part of the Indian science of life.

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