What diseases can you cure with traditional Ayurvedic medicine?

In Ayurveda Clinic Sofia, all diseases are treated using the ancient methods of Ayurveda.

If you are hesitating whether our methods and approaches are suitable for your condition, below you will find a list of the main diseases that we can influence through traditional Ayurvedic medicine.


Treatment of diseases from General Medicine

You can contact our specialists if you suffer from health conditions such as:
• Dyspepsia
• Different types of burns – solar, chemical, etc
• Pain syndromes
• Indigestion
• Diarrhea
• Obesity
• Increased acidity in the stomach
• Abscess
• Paralysis of the body
• Facial paralysis
• Anorexia
• Bleeding hemorrhoids
• Gonorrhea
• Irregular menstrual cycle
• Depression
• Disc herniation
• Impaired function of the small intestine
• High body temperature
• Drains
• Asthma
• Impaired breathing
• Jaundice
• Inability to gain weight
• Cough – acute and chronic
• Hepatitis A and B
• Skin problems
• Intoxication with poisons
• Intestinal worms
• Crohn’s disease
• Increased thirst for water
• Chronic fever
• Neurological diseases
• Fistula
• Anemia
• Hemiplegia
• Back pain
• Diabetes and diabetic polyneuropathy
• Splenomegaly
• Fatigue
• Loss of consciousness
• Vertigo
• Chronic alcoholism
• Ascites
• Liver diseases
• White discharge
• Bleeding from the nose, urinary tract, anus and vagina for no reason
• Rheumatism and Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Heart diseases
• High blood pressure
• Multiple sclerosis

Treatment of children’s diseases – Pediatrics

For the youngest and growing children, Ayurveda can help address issues such as:

• Troubled breathing and coughing
• Weak immunity
• Epileptic seizures
• Indigestion
• Cognitive disorders
• Poor concentration
• Alergy
• Hay fever


Treatment of Psychiatric Diseases

For problems in the psycho-emotional and cognitive state of the body, Ayurveda can affect:
Panic attacks
Obsessive Compulsive Syndrome
Bipolar affective disorder

Treatment of diseases of Ears, Nose, Throat, Eyes and Head

Our qualified Indian therapists will offer you an individual strategy to overcome health conditions related to:
Nasal polyps
Decreased vision
A runny nose
Diseases of the thyroid gland

Treatment of poisoning – Toxicology

In the direction of Toxicology, Ayurvedic medicine achieves positive results in conditions such as:

• Allergic reactions after being bitten by poisonous animals – insects, bees, etc.
• Food poisoning
• Chronic intoxication

Treatment of diseases in the elderly – Geriatrics

Ayurvedic approaches are suitable for diseases and conditions of discomfort associated with advancing age:

• Slowing down aging
• Reproductive Medicine
• Premature ejaculation
• Hypospermia and aspermia
• Spermatorrhea
• Infertility

The field of influence of Ayurvedic medicine is extremely wide and includes various diseases beyond the lists above.

If you do not find your problem, do not hesitate to contact us or send us an inquiry to get an estimate of your condition and ways to improve it.

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