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Therapy with induced laxative action. One of Pancakarma's procedures. It has a detoxifying effect on the stomach and small intestine. Improves and reduces problems with digestive and secretory organs. 

Additional information

Causing planned laxative effect for removing the toxins from the stomach and small intestine. Depending from the body imbalance are used different products. It can be used a regular therapy with Virechana, which helpsfor improving the body metabolism. This therapy has very strong effect over the liver functions - it purifies and strengthens its action in the body process. 

Price (BGN)
  • Total price180.00

Before Virechan therapy is necessary to conduct:

2 Abyangham therapies - 70 lv/each

2 Sarvang Bashpasveda - 25 lv/each

Then we need to give a lure product for Virecan therapy - 10 leva per product