Body Weakness


Reasons for general weakness

General body weakness is a frequently occurring condition. From the morning we feel low in energy.

We wouldn’t do anything; our mood is low, we are lethargic, unexplainable worries are torturing us; there are tension and drowsiness. We get tired quickly even with light physical activity, we have painful muscles and joints, feel dizzy and distracted – we cannot concentrate on work.

We are irritable, including to light and noise, which, in normal circumstances, we do not pay attention to, etc. If that continues for days, it suggests that there is a health problem, not simply the usual tiredness after a more intensive physical or mental activity.

That problem might be disease-related – a cardiac one, a lung disease, or infectious diseases; Thus, for example, many of the patients who have had a heart attack, had complaints related to weakness prior to the incident; among one of the symptoms of the pulmonary diseases is the weakness; hepatitis, malaria, HIV, etc. also cause body feebleness and overall weakness.

Among the main reasons that can cause weakness, is the diet. That can happen even when we do not do without food if we have an improper diet and do not provide the body with the essential-for-it substances – iron, magnesium, vitamin B3 and B12, vitamin C and others.

Additionally, when we eat unhealthily, we will get abnormal body weight, or the heavier form of it – obesity. This is not only a question of an external appearance but also an accumulation of unnecessary substances in the body, including toxins, which impede the natural functions of the organs. Thus, the easily occurring breathlessness and the immobility could contribute to the general weakness throughout the day.

Reason for it can be the long-term stress, which has caused biological changes in the body processes or/and psychological problems. It is known, for example, that not only it exhausts the body, but the stress leads to diabetes, which we may not know about, also, chronic headache, intestinal and abdominal diseases, anxiety, depression and others.

Treatment of body weakness |

Ayurvedic treatment

For Ayurveda, the constant tiredness is due to deviation from the balance in the two of the three energies /Doshas/ in the body – Vata and Pitta. But, as Vata performs all the movements in the body, including the movements of the energy flows, it could block Kapha as well – the third energy, which is responsible for the state of the different body fluids. Thus, the equilibrium of the three Doshas, which was set at birth, and is the ideal balance for the health stability throughout life, is disturbed.

When such combined energy disorders occur, combined diseases also occur because the function of the organs and systems is also disturbed, led by the three Doshas. Restoring the balance of the Doshas is done by proper diet and removing the toxins from the body, by oils, herbs and yoga practices.

Vata is responsible for the alternation of the processes of inhaling and exhaling, the nerve impulses, for the psychological condition, the blood circulation, etc. Its imbalance state leads to disorder in all these systems. Even the tics, which are involuntary movements, are Vata-related deviations.

Not only can Vata cause diseases which lead to body weakness, but it can intensify the chronic fatigue with a sensation of discontent, loneliness, anxiety, feeling that we have lost control and are powerless, mood swings, depression. Restoring its balance is done by having moist food, liquid food, thinner one, warmer and fattier one, and cooked one as well.

From the products which are suitable are the red lentil, rice, mung beans, wheat, yellow peas, barley, and others. From the herbs and spices are used basil, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, clove, ginger, fenugreek, and others, and from the oils for pouring-over and massages are used sandal oil, olive oil, coconut oil.

The weak digestive fire, related to Pitta, leads to accumulation of toxins in the body, which are harmful to the body cells and block the energy channels. The Pitta-balancing food shouldn’t be pungent and should be lukewarm; good ones are basmati rice, brown lentil, oats, mung-dal, barley, peas, wheat. As Pitta-balancing herbs, used are aloe vera, Triphala, neem, katuka, and others.

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