Can Ayurveda Help With Speech Defects?


 Many people in the world suffer or have suffered speech defects, such as stuttering, at some point in their lives. Stuttering is an involuntary interruption of speech, in which certain sounds are prolonged or words are repeated. Speech disorder can lead to many personality problems. Every activity of the body is performed or controlled by the nervous system and the brain. Proper functioning of the body is the sole responsibility of the brain.


What Are The Symptoms Of Speech Disorders?

  •  Repeating words
  •  Prolong words or silent blocking
  •  Fluctuation in speaking
  •  Difficulty in starting a word or phrase


What Causes Speech Disorders?

  •  Genetic problems
  •  Impatience
  •  Stress, shame, and anxiety
  • Confusion and nervousness
  •  Loss of control while speaking


Before treating this disease, the therapist must get to the root of the problem. Proper diagnosis will help overcome the problem. Then, using Ayurvedic herbal remedies will stimulate the function of the brain, which will eliminate stuttering.

Can Ayurveda Help With Speech Defects?

Ayurvedic Remedies for Speech Disorders


  • Brahmi oil.It is a stimulant known to calm the mind and enhance brain function. Take 10 ml of oil and heat it. Cool it to a suitable temperature and apply it on your head for half an hour before taking a shower. You can also apply it at bedtime and wash it in the morning. This is more effective.
  • Black pepper, almonds and honey. Take black pepper and make a paste from it. Add 7 ground almonds to it, then mix with honey. Consume this paste every day for at least one month.
  • Amla.This is an effective remedy, especially for children to stop stuttering. It is also known as the Indian gooseberry. It should be chewed slowly every day.
  • Cow oil. It helps the brain to develop and is known to increase memory.


Stuttering treatment according to Ayurveda


Stuttering can be cured with herbal remedies and the practice of some physical exercises.


Here are some herbal remedies used to cure stuttering:


  • The herb Valaray (Vallarai)is a very useful remedy for stuttering. Take a few coriander seeds and dates in 3 or 4 valerie leaves. Then chew them. Dry a few valaray leaves in a dark place and then grind them to dust. Take this powder regularly. Valarai can also be taken as a paste that can be made by mixing powders with cow's milk.
  • Ghee– melted cow oil, can also enhance brain and memory function. Take a teaspoon with your food.

Can Ayurveda Help With Speech Defects?


  • External use of  Brahmi oil (Brahmi) is also very useful. Take 10 ml of the oil and heat it. Apply it warmly on your head, gently massage and let stand for about 30-45 minutes. Rinse your head with warm water. This procedure will stimulate your brain power.
  • Soak 12 almonds  in water overnight. The next morning, peel and crush them, mix them with 31 grams of oil and consume this mass regularly for several months.
  • Regularly consume uterine tea at least twice a day.
  • Indian gooseberry (Amla)is also a very effective tool for stuttering. Take 4-5 amla grains and make them into a paste mixed with pure ghee. Take this mixture daily.
  • Dry tuyereare also useful for eliminating stuttering. Boil dried dates in milk, cool them and always take them before bedtime.


In most cases, the speech problem may also be related to the patient's deafness. With this problem, Ayurveda recommends medicines to strengthen the brain, memory and improve mental development.


One of the traditional remedies in Indian culture is Suvarnaprashan – Suvarnaprashan. This is an extremely important remedy. Our body has its own power for self-resistance – to prevent various diseases, which is called  immunity. If our body has sufficient immunity, there is no infection or epidemic that can affect us. Ayurveda donates Suvarnaprashan to improve the child's immunity. Suvarna means gold and Prashan means to come closer. The dating of gold from birth to the age of twelve is called "Suvarnaprashan".


Can Ayurveda Help With Speech Defects?

Why gold?

Gold is the best metal for the human body. It is not only effective in children but also in men and women of all ages. Gold is the best medicine for improving the body's immunity. It is the most important and valuable metal with a significant positive effect on our body and mind. This is the best item we can and should give to our loved ones. Gold must be absorbed by our body in order to be healthy for it. As a result, gold jewelry is best known in Indian culture. Ancient kings and rich people in India always ate gold plates. Wearing gold, eating gold plates, donating gold, collecting gold, all come from the concept of accepting gold in our bodies. Gold is a very valuable metal that is used to protect the body, mind and intellect. Therefore, from the past to the present, our economy depends only on gold, which is a sign of its effectiveness in our lives.


Suvarnaprashan, when to take it and to whom it is intended?


Suvarnaprashan is one of the sixteen Sanskrit rituals described in the ancient Indian scriptures. The basis of this tradition comes from "Suvarnaprashan Sanskar" which means "Suvarnaprashan Rituals". Close relatives of a newborn baby have always been given a golden gift.


Benefits of Suvarnaprashan


Suvarnaprashan improves the intelligence, digestive and physical strength of our body and brain. It gives a long, spiritual and worldly life. It gives rejuvenating effects and tones your skin. Improves immunity, miraculously, so that your child can overcome bacterial and viral infections seamlessly. The regular use of Suvarnaprashan until its first month ensures the best immunity against disease damage. Six months of regular use of Suvarnaprashan can make a child very intelligent, able to remember everything they hear. This basically means that Suvarnaprashan also plays an important role in improving the memory and intelligence of the individual.


Can Ayurveda Help With Speech Defects?

Suvarnaprasan also improves the digestive capacity of your body, leading to improved physical endurance of a child. It maintains and improves (if necessary) the tone of his skin. In short, Suvarnaprashan is the best element in helping a child overcome various infections, even potentially dangerous ones. There are no diseases that can touch it. In summary, we will say the following:


  • Suvarnaprashan strengthens your immunity: Suvarnaprashan builds the best resistance to your body, protecting you from infections, making your child stronger.
  • Physical development: Suvarnaprashan helps the physical development of children.
  • Suvarnaprashan strengthens your memory: It contains herbs that help each child improve his memory and understanding of the world in which he lives.
  • It makes the child active and intelligent.
  • Suvarnaprashan improves your digestive power: Suvarnaprashan is the best appetizer with digestive properties as well.
  • Tones up your skin color.


We are happy to confirm that the Ayurveda of which Suvarnaprashan is a part has a solution to any physical, mental and spiritual needs or problems that one may encounter in their lives. Ayurvedic medical knowledge is extremely important and useful, which has existed from ancient times to the present and which can and should be used for the benefit of the modern world man in the present difficult times.

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