Is self-medication useful or dangerous?


Some people think that Ayurveda and the means of alternative medicine are tantamount to self-healing . This is completely untrue. Some of those who think so are in favor of these methods, while others declare themselves their opponents, considering them dangerous and unscientific. 

If it is surprising to you that from the point of view of professional Ayurvedic healers it is the second group that is right. That's why you should definitely read the following lines in which we have described whether self-medication is dangerous or not. 

What do we need to know about self-medication?

In the beginning, the conventional Westerner had a hard time accepting Indian healing techniques. Initially, most of us are also divided as to whether these teachings are based on knowledge and facts and to what extent they are just New Age philosophy with dubious efficiency.

We need to distinguish between self-diagnosis and self-treatment with therapies that we can apply at home without having to visit a specialist every time. 

It's the same with conventional medicine in our latitudes – when it comes to injections or other more complex procedures that need to be performed by a medical professional – we have to visit a professional office.

However, if there is a possibility of treatment with preparations , be it from classical Western pharmacology or Eastern medicines from Ayurveda, sometimes it is enough to visit our supervising doctor only for examinations , during which he monitors our condition, prescribes the appropriate medication and sends us home to continue the therapy on our own, until the next meeting and examination. 

This is quite different from the option of looking for your own diagnosis on the Internet and taking medications prescribed from forum users, right?

Another major mistake that is often made is accepting Ayurveda as equivalent to herbal medicine. 

It is true that useful plants are widely used in it , both in the development of medicines and massage oils, and in the preparation of daily food, but this is only one of the ways in which which is treated by Indian traditional medicine.

And most of all, we should not be mistaken in believing that Ayurveda is opposed to modern science. On the contrary – they even complement each other. Today, jurveda is studied in institutes, colleges and universities, and not only in India. 

Modern scientists study all aspects of this ancient knowledge and not only do not reject it, but find ways to improve the methods of conventional medicine.

What exactly is the contribution of Ayurveda?

It is important to note that Ayurveda addresses some of the hottest topics in modern Western medicine, which until recently were considered taboo. This includes reproductive and sexual health and their treatment.

Indian medicines can also help us with cancer, allergies, autoimmune and hormonal diseases. That's why many patients trust them.

However, for Ayurveda treatment to work, we need to approach it properly . It is best to consult an Indian healer when you have already been diagnosed by a doctor, through examination and tests. Warn him that you intend to try traditional Indian treatments , although some members of the medical community are reserved for Eastern teachings.

Of course, you can always look for a more broad-minded physician, but a professional view of the patient's individual condition is a must in the first place. Share this full picture with your Ayurvedic healer.

Ancient Indian medicine considered everything on earth and heaven, as well as every living being, as an inseparable unity between the material, spiritual and energetic principles. The life energies themselves (so-called in Ayurveda doshi) in turn are also divided into three types – these are coffee, cotton wool and pita dosha.

It is from these three types of vibrations that every living being is built. Everyone has a characteristic predominant temperament , which is determined by the unique balance of doshas in our country.

Indian healers call this the constitution. It's very often two-part – pita-vata or vata-pita (according to which of the two is dominant), respectively pita-kafa, kafa-pita, kafa-vata and vata-kafa, and much less often – tridoshova.

The doshas that are responsible for our constitution affect absolutely every aspect of our lives. This applies to our figure, our health and hormonal characteristics, as well as our character. Improper nutrition and poor lifestyle can upset this fragile harmony and thus cause us problems.

Is self-medication useful or dangerous?

What are the benefits of the remedies used in Ayurveda?

The natural remedies that Ayurveda inherited from Ancient India have some major benefits. For example, they are much less likely to experience any unpleasant side effects as a result of treatment.

On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent alternative remedies from being used in parallel with therapy prescribed by conventional medicine.

Although quite rare, some side effects, such as allergies, can occur with the use of Ayurvedic preparations . If we are prone to such conditions, we must mention this to our therapist when planning our treatment.

To avoid potential risks, if necessary, your doctor may send you to do more research to assess the situation as thoroughly as possible.

If we have to define the approach of Ayurveda in one word, we can call it holistic . This takes her even further away from the popular notion of self-medication. Holistic therapy presupposes complete care for the body as a single mechanism that needs absolutely all its components to behave properly in order to function properly.

Movement is an integral part of life. That is why Indian traditional medicine considers it extremely important if we want to maintain a nature-friendly lifestyle.

In this respect, it is very similar to modern conventional medicine, which is increasingly realizing the importance of good physical shape for health.

To develop a healthy physical culture, Ayurveda relies on the practice of yoga and meditation . They help us maintain our energy balance within healthy limits.

It's a good idea to train as often as possible , and it's not advisable to accumulate your yoga for a whole week in a single session. It is much better to set aside every day for a short workout.

One of the most important remedies in India to this day is considered to be  The food we eat every day . It is the strongest medicine. Any Ayurvedic doctor will tell you that if you eat properly according to your individual constitution, you will save yourself a lot of health problems.

Is self-medication useful or dangerous?

The good thing is that Indian cuisine is extremely tasty. This makes it a suitable choice for diets and fitness regimens, as well as for a number of diseases.

It should be noted that the appropriate food for each person is determined on an individual basis according to his Ayurvedic constitution, so do not expect to receive a universal list of what not to eat and what to emphasize to feel good. .

Additional self-medication methods

Another way to treat and prevent, according to Indian sages, are massages . They are very different types – shirodara, abyanga, udvartana, garshana and many others. Each of these treatments has a unique cleansing and toning effect. Many people say they find them rejuvenating.

Is self-medication useful or dangerous?

Another common technique in Indian medicine is aromatherapy . It is such a pleasant healing method that it has already entered pop culture.

However, don't expect a huge effect from most Ayurveda candles and cosmetics offered by the commercial network. To be effective, these products must be developed by Indian aromatherapy specialists.

Fewer people are familiar with chromotherapy, where treatment is done using different colors and their qualities.

The best part about fragrances and chromo treatments is that they are completely non-invasive. They can help us with relatively mild to moderate depression or sleep problems.

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