Numbness and frostbite of the extremities and Ayurveda


The causes of numbness and frostbite in the extremities may be different. A chronic problem is likely to be central nervous system dysfunction or anemia. 

The exact diagnosis can be established after medical examinations and examination by a specialist. However, the condition does not always have to be associated with a change in health, it may be a workload or a current physiological problem. 



Ayurveda is a suitable alternative to traditional medicines to overcome limb discomfort.

The most recommended method is yoga exercises. Therapeutic gymnastics is applicable to a number of medical conditions , as well as only for maintaining good physical activity on a daily basis. 

Because asanas, which are types of yoga exercises, help with the overall moderate load on the body, they are recommended for frostbite and numbness of the legs and arms. Yoga also has a complex effect on the nervous system and stimulating muscle groups. 

Easy and appropriate exercises 

Standing fingers with arms outstretched

This way the spine is straightened to the maximum and the blood supply to the limbs is better. The tingling may be due to distortion or may be related to another condition of the musculoskeletal system.

Walking on the heel

This improves blood circulation , and is especially suitable for tingling in the extremities due to prolonged immobilization. Exercise has no contraindications and is a great way to balance your posture and train your calves. 

Numbness and frostbite of the extremities and Ayurveda

Stretching the whole body

Proper performance of most asanas achieves this effect, and it improves the overall condition of the whole body. If the tingling is due to stiffness, it is guaranteed that you will overcome it. 

It is good to gradually increase the load or the series of exercises, and it is best to warm up the individual muscles of the arms and legs first. 

Limb Massage

With the help of herbal oils and oils massages are the main therapeutic method in Ayurveda. After a busy day and a long stay in one place in the office, it is perfectly normal to feel tingling, and in such situations it is almost always accompanied by a feeling of cold. 

The reason is poor blood supply to the limbs. Rapid recovery can be achieved with massage. With the help of herbal decoctions and warming compresses, legs and arms are toned and feel strong and stable. 

More alternative therapies for limb frostbite and tingling 

Most approaches are based on good body and spine positioning. Limb tone is best improved by getting used to proper posture, breathing and good enough motor activity. 

Ayurvedic Therapies

Traditional Indian medicine treats energy imbalances in the body. According to Ayurveda, they are the cause of various diseases. 

For motor disorders or disorders of the limbs, Ayurveda healers apply healing procedures with the help of aqua treatment, herbs, foods, detoxification of the body and other natural ways.

Numbness and frostbite of the extremities and Ayurveda

Among the most appropriate therapies are:

Katie Pitch The basis of this procedure is the application of various healing oils. They apply to problem areas, which is done with a warm cotton compress . The effect achieved is that muscle pain and the feeling of immobility are overcome. 

Sandy Pitch the emphasis here is on the joints, which are directly related to the general condition of the limbs. The procedure soothes pain, tingling or cold sensations. 

Patra Potali World Panchakizi  in this method the goal is to sweat the body and get rid of the accumulated toxins in it. It is achieved with the help of warm cotton bags soaked in herbal decoctions. The procedure warms the whole body , including the limbs. Blood circulation improves and the skin feels fresh and toned. 

Ayurveda and the healing role of food 

Ayurveda uses many herbal decoctions for both external therapies and teas. They also warm the whole body. Another very valuable ingredient in Indian medicine is spices . They are extremely diverse and represent a combination of flavors and tastes. 

Indian cuisine is known around the world for its combinations of herbs and spices , which makes it very specific and healthy. In Ayurveda, special attention is paid to food because it is an essential element to be able to practice a natural lifestyle. 

It is a mandatory part of achieving balance, achieving purification of body and mind from everything that hinders us and prevents a person from being healthy and full. 

Numbness and frostbite of the extremities and Ayurveda

Sometimes limb frostbite can be due to anemia . This means that the body needs certain nutrients. They can be obtained with food. Indian cuisine is rich in dishes and ingredients that cure many diseases. 

Some of the most recognizable and easy to use are available to everyone. Along with herbs, many of the known fruits and vegetables have a beneficial effect on the body. 

This is the case with onions, which are used all over the world. This vegetable has proven to be one of the most powerful remedies against anemia, and can be eaten raw or cooked every day. 

Another similar product is fenugreek , which is widely used in Bulgarian cuisine. The spice has a beneficial effect in a number of diseases, including anemia. 

For numbness and frostbite of the legs and arms, it is recommended to consume more dairy products . Yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese should be on the table every day. 

Ayurvedic cuisine often uses milk to balance traditional spicy flavors, which are considered extremely useful for digestion and maintaining a good metabolism. Most toxins in the human body accumulate in the liver, stomach and intestines, and with the help of such products it is easier to get rid of unnecessary and harmful substances. 

No less useful are nuts , which contain natural fats. In addition to the familiar peanuts, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, white and black sesame seeds should be consumed. They can be part of breakfast because they give a lot of energy. Can be combined with fresh fruit, yogurt and honey.

Legumes are another must-have for every meal. Traditional Indian recipes often include red lentils and rice. Perhaps the most popular product in Ayurveda is refined ghee.

It is considered one of the most valuable substances of animal origin. It is good to use for daily consumption in the preparation of various dishes. Refined oil is one of the most important products when it comes to limb problems. 

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