Treatment of ataxia with Ayurveda


What is ataxia?

Ataxia is a disease associated with loss of balance and impaired limb coordination. Hands and feet may be affected, as well as speech or eye disorders. Like most diseases, the causes are different.

Ataxia can be due to hereditary conditions or acquired as a result of other health conditions. For example, it is often due to a stroke, multiple sclerosis, paralysis or infection. Sometimes it is a consequence of serious trauma.

Varieties of Ataxia

The type of disease is directly related to the organs it affects in the body . In medicine, three main types of ataxia have been described, which have common and individual manifestations.

They, in turn, are:

  • Cerebellar ataxia – a disease that, as the name implies, affects the head.
  • Sensory ataxia –  affects the spine.
  • Vestibular ataxia  – is associated with impaired body balance, ie. the problems are mainly in the vestibular system.

Of course, in each of the three types of ataxia, patients have different degrees of organ damage. The symptoms are also individual and species-specific. However, there are manifestations that have been described in most such cases.

Patients share:

  • loss of coordination of arms and legs
  • limb weakness 
  • imbalance 
  • trembling hands 
  • tingling 
  • vertigo
  • funny speech 
  • more difficult articulation and others

How should the disease be treated?

The diagnosis of ataxia and subsequent treatment should be prescribed by a specialist. The approach in most cases is individual and can be according to the type and degree of damage. 

Characteristic of this condition is that it is mostly a consequence of another disease whose treatment is a priority. For example, if the ataxia is the result of trauma, then the therapies are parallel.

The most widely used methods are related to a variety of movement techniques physiotherapy, water treatments, therapeutic gymnastics, along with medications and alternative approaches.

Treatment of ataxia with Ayurveda

Physiotherapy  is a widespread common ataxia therapy

With the help of rehabilitators, a series of exercises are performed, the aim of which is to strengthen the muscles and to improve the fine motor skills of the limbs. The alternation of physical activities is beneficial. impact, as well as walking on different surfaces. 

Among therapies used is one in which the limbs are placed to vibrate. The goal is to improve blood circulation and their sensitivity. 

The positive effect of physiotherapy depends a lot on early diagnosis of the disease and accuracy determines the degree of damage.

Another common approach to treatment is occupational therapy

It is used for all three types of ataxia. The basis of therapy is the performance of various functional tasks , which exercise motor skills and coordination of movements.

Alexander's Technique 

It is also used with her series of exercises, including for proper breathing. The  technique itself has been around for many years. It was created by  actor Frederick Alexander more than  a century ago. He was provoked by the loss of his voice, which prompted him to invent a series of healing  practices. 

Alexander's exercises  help  keep  in  good shape in terms of physical, mental and emotional well-being.  This  overcomes  low back pain , flexibility of the spine and muscles in this area. 

Proper posture and coordination depends on the right connection between the head and the spine. In fact, this technique can be applied by anyone, whether or not they have health problems. Proper posture, breathing and  movement women are required to improve their tone. 

Different types of games are also a type of  healing approach

They are especially applicable to children who have similar health problems. The purpose of the games is to  repeat certain movements  to move the patient. 

They can be practiced at home , outdoors or in the gym.  Games are also suitable for elderly patients  including various  simulation tasks.

Biofeedback  is  a technique for  greater control over involuntary functions

Experts say that heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and other body functions may be affected. Biofeedback is administered  using  advanced medical  equipment that  monitors blood pressure, heart rate, temperature. 

This is  done with the help of special sensors that  attach to the skin to detect which effects, for example, speed up the heart rate or increase sweating. 

The explanation  is that  the therapist  can  use  the available  information on the causes of increased stress  to influence the condition  and emotions.

Treatment of ataxia with Ayurveda

Ayurveda  to help people with ataxia 

Originated  5,000 years ago in ancient India  Ayurveda  continues to be used to treat various diseases and conditions. It is a teaching about life and people that has preserved centuries of experience and knowledge

Ayurveda preaches healing by finding the root cause of  energy imbalances in the body.  According to  Ayurveda  healers, there are different approaches and therapies with a healing effect. 

In cases of ataxia, procedures that are used to overcome motor disorders are mostly used. People who have undergone such therapy say that they are relieved and positive. results.

At  the therapist's discretion, a series of treatment practices are used to help with:

  • paralysis 

  • stroke 

  • slow motion

  • lack of coordination 

  • limb tingling and other similar conditions

Most common therapies in Ayurveda

Patra Potali World Panchakizi 

These procedures achieve  perspiration  with  herbs  and decoctions . They cover parts of the body. Ointments and herbal oils are filled into cotton  warmed bags, which are placed on the back, legs, shoulders. This  stimulates the skin and tissues to  get rid of the accumulated  toxins  in the body.

Treatment of ataxia with Ayurveda

Katie Pitch 

Here  also the basis of the procedure are  healing  oils  and oil . They  lubricate the area around the waist  by applying  a cotton compress.  This  relieves pain,  the feeling of stiffness,  which  is good for improving  motor activity. >

Sandy Pitchu  is similar to Katie Pitchu

The difference is that the focus here is  on  the joints. The procedure  has  a analgesic  and  restorative  effect.

Ayurvedic therapies use a variety of herbs for decoctions, massages, water treatments, and whose goal is to strengthen muscles and posture. Yoga is also suitable. 

Basic  asanas  are suitable for relieving blockages in the body. Gymnastics is not  strength  and in the performance of  individual  poses  there is a smoothness  of  movements  and holding in position for several minutes. 

A  Ayurveda series are suitable for  detoxification.  Thus, the body removes all unnecessary substances and accumulated toxins, which are considered to be the basis of many of disease states.

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