Ayurveda and COVID-19


During the COVID-19 pandemicwe all faced different problems. The health risks posed by this virus are enormous, but even after we successfully get over it, it has this feature of leaving lasting complaints in many people. This can be, for example, the characteristic of the infection loss of smell and taste, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

Researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Maryland, USA, have conducted studies that show a link between persistent cases of the new coronavirus, which tire people with a very long struggle, with the so-called chronic fatigue syndrome (ME / CFS).

What is the coronavirus and how does it affect us?

COVID-19 is a disease that first appeared in China in 2019. Due to advanced communications, the disease quickly spread around the world before governments were able to respond. It is caused by the virus of severe acute coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) respiratory syndrome.

In the cold season, when the respiratory system is exposed to a higher risk of disease, we would like to protect ourselves not only from ragweed, but also from any other infections. Patients with complaints of chronic diseases or on the other hand, the suppressed immune system must be protected from all diseases, such as influenza A and B, which may seem trivial to many of us.

In fact, we should not underestimate them, because if we become infected with COVID-19 while suffering from them, we can have serious trouble even if we do not belong to any of the vulnerable groups to the virus. Usually in such cases hospital treatment is almost always reached, and recovery is extremely slow.

Ayurveda and COVID-19

To  protectourselves from such troubles and complications of the disease, it is recommended to maintain a high health tone. The problem with Western medicine is that sometimes with it we fail to take measures for our condition in time. We do not treat ourselves until we get sick, which in practice means that we do not take care to prevent disease states.

Another serious drawback for some doctors is that they have a very limited approach, limited only to what they have learned within their specialty. Let's see how we can achieve good health and a perfectly lubricated immune system with the help of the ancient wisdom of the Indian system ofmedical knowledge called Ayurveda.

Ayurveda and COVID-19

Ayurveda – ways to prevent viral diseases

Numerous methods for the prevention of lung diseases have been developed in Indian medicine. These include a special organic kitchen, detox and exercises for breathing and body.

Healthy cuisine

Some of the dishes developed in Ayurveda  are:

  • kitsch (also called kitsch)
  • ghee (refined oil)
  • mung dal porridge and others.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables in large quantities.

Gymnastics for physical and respiratory health

Regular yoga practiceshave been shown to improve the immune response. Use them to maintain goodprevention, and to maintain figure in the restrictions on going out and social life lately.

Breathing exercisesin India are called pranayama. They make up a whole separate class in yoga teaching and are also very important to us at this time. They have been used since ancient times to prevent and treat a number of conditions. They are especially well influenced by thelungs. You can perform them every day as a warm-up before gymnastics or for relaxation beforemeditation.

Ayurveda and COVID-19

If you do become infected with COVID-19, keep in constant contact with your doctor Discuss the severity of your symptoms with you and discuss how you can help your recovery with herbs.

Recovery from the coronavirus with the help of Indian medicine

Once we have spent COVID-19, it is time for our recovery. Keep in mind  the mental attitude that it can be much harder and take longer than expected. * There are people who say they felt even better while battling the disease than after having managed to get over it. Unpleasant side effects that can occur include loss of taste and smell, difficulty breathing, and even anxiety and panic attacks.

Yoga asanas to strengthen the body

To recover faster from a coronavirus infection, we can use yoga exercises. However, be careful when selecting the asanas. Let them be as light as possible even before you were a true master of the disease. Remember that after fighting the infection, the body is weakened and needs time to get back on its feet.

The most suitable positions are,which help to open the chest. This stimulates the natural process of self-cleansing of the respiratory system.

Here are some simple asanas that you can do yourself. It is enough to have basic knowledge in the field of physical culture and preferably – yoga. Be careful when performing them and do not overdo it.

Open angle (Upavishta konasana)

This pose is great for patients who have had coronavirus. It is relatively easy, and if you need extra support, you can use the wall at home for this purpose. Upanishta konasana is made by relaxing your back on the floor and stretching your legs upwards.

If we have decided to use the wall as a prop, we must lean them tightly on it from the very beginning. In the beginning we stay for a while so that the blood is drawn down. Then we open the legs – the left to the left, the right to the right (if we have a wall, we just slide them to the side without separating them from it). There is no need for a big split – you will feel how much is enough for you.

Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

In Bulgarian we often call this asana Turkish seat. It is familiar to all of us and is very easy to implement. You can use it for meditation and rest.

We recommend a short and not very heavy yoga routine, to perform twice a week, and if you have the strength – more often. In general, the practices give the best results in the morning or in the evening, especially depending on the Ayurvedic constitution of the person concerned. However, when we recover from a covid, we are usually too exhausted to impose strict regimens. When you do not have the strength to train, do a short meditation instead.

A great way to supplement and strengthen our meditative and yoga practice is by taking a few minutes of it and chanting mantras. Mantras – these are sacred chants, which in Ayurveda and yoga are used to balance the energy of the body and spirit, lifting and overcoming various obstacles, including disease states.

To some extent, they resemble prayers in classical monotheistic religions.As we know, Hinduism and Buddhism, from which Ayurveda derives its wisdom, differ from our usual, Western view of the spiritual. Most mantras are aimed at good wishes for the whole world, for all living beings in it. In cases of illness, this helps us much more than ordinary prayer, perhaps because of less fixation on the Self.

Attention!The above-described yoga and Ayurveda practices are appropriate for self-administration only if your doctor has determined that your condition allows it. If you are prescribed any drug therapy be sure to tell the medical team what Ayurveda herbs and remedies you intend to use in combination with it. Ask your Ayurvedic medicine consultants about which dishes, medicines and massages from India are most appropriate and harmless.

Remember that if you show symptoms of a coronavirus, you should isolate yourself, as much as possible – even from people you live under one roof with. Inhaling smaller amounts of the virus will help your family and loved ones, even if infected, spend the disease relatively mildly. Coordinate by phone with your GP about how to proceed with treatment.

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