Ayurveda during travels


Today we travel longer distances, more often and at higher speeds than ever. Travel, especially flying, leads to cotton imbalance. Therefore, during and after a flight, we often experience all the symptoms of high blood pressure in our system, including gas, bloating, constipation, dry skin, anxiety and insomnia. If you travel regularly, this is not only will lead to such temporary imbalances, but may eventually lead to a more serious onset of chronic disease.

As we travel the world, there are a few simple and effective Ayurvedic tips that we can easily apply. They will help mitigate the negative effects of the trip, ensuring that your trips are filled with joy.

How to stay balanced when preparing for a trip?

Often before a trip we are absorbed in last minute tasks, finish work, pack luggage, organize our lives at home and generally do everything except rest.

We can say that our trip or vacation will be filled with rest, but this is rarely true due to the excitement of seeing a new place, maximizing our work or just abandoning our usual schedule altogether. Therefore, we often feel tired and need rest during the first days of our rest, which leads to fatigue during and after the rest itself.

The first rule, before you go on a trip is … Rest and sleep! For each day of the planned trip, prepare with a deep rest and adequate sleep for the same number of days before you embark on your journey. For example, if you are going to a tourist destination for a 7-day family vacation, make sure the 7 days before the trip are peaceful.

Similar to the lack of rest care, due to the speed before the trip, a few days before departure can unfortunately be the days when we often eat less nutritious or fast food, skip meals or eat leftovers in the fridge, trying to deal with the things that need to be completed.

This can now lead to turbulence in our body, which can be further exacerbated by new foods and the irregular eating schedule we may have during our travels. So eat cotton wool-soothing meals regularly in the days before your trip, including hot foods and soothing spices that will keep your Agni (digestive fire) balanced and ready to travel.

Ayurveda during travels

Okay, this may seem unnecessary, but the daily routine is extremely important and effective! If you do not have established rules for the day, start one now and make sure you apply it, especially if you are an avid traveler. Dinacharia will do everything differently.

The journey confuses our internal clock and our circadian rhythm, which can lead to a whole host of challenges. However, if we maintain a daily schedule and stay true to our daily rituals before and during the trip, we will notice that we can maintain balance and continue to feel nourished, rested and aligned.

Pay special attention to:

  • Nasya therapy(Healing procedure in which a light massage warms the face and sinuses and removes toxins accumulated in the head and sinuses)
  • Karna-Purana(ear therapy)
  • Abhianga(art of self-massage) in your daily rituals.

Ayurveda during travels

Measures during travel and stay

Hydration is very important. Drink! But not what some people think … Caffeine and alcohol during our travels can exacerbate the imbalance of Vata, although they give us a temporary stimulus to pleasure, they can make us feel even more tired.

Instead, drink herbal teas such as ginger or mint during your travels, especially when you are on a flight. This will keep you hydrated, your digestion will be balanced, and your body will cope with stress and anxiety more easily.

Ayurveda during travels

Aromatherapy on the go will help you relax, strengthen your immune system, awaken your senses and help achieve the perfect balance between your body and mind. One of the easiest ways to get the power of herbal medicine while traveling is through essential oils. Travel with a bottle of rose water, which can be sprayed lightly on the face throughout the trip, so your skin will be fresh and hydrated.

Ayurveda during travels

Some of the best essential oils to have with you are:

  • Mint  – for digestion and to keep you awake when needed
  • Tea tree – as an antiseptic for hands, cuts, wounds, etc.
  • Lemon– for nausea and to soothe an upset stomach.
  • Lavender – to soothe and bring peace.
  • Eucalyptus – to protect against insects and to clear colds and coughs.

Don't forget about meditation during the trip. Are you familiar with all the seeming waiting times that happen while traveling?

This is the perfect time to start meditating. Through maintaining or practicing will keep many of the body's systems healthy and balanced, aiding digestion, keeping the body relaxed and comfortable, taking care of the nervous system and keeping the mind calm.

Why can't we meditate at any time,when we are on the move (unless you are a driver!)? This not only helps to maximize your time and choose meditation in the spaces between them, but will also inspire others and can simply lead to spontaneous collective meditations.

Ayurveda during travels

Maintaining some conscious practices during the trip makes you all different and will leave you feeling centered and relaxed.

Diet during travel is the basis of good health and tone.

Often, when we change the situation, everything changes. And because our diet often also changes and fluctuates during travel, we find that the same irregularities begin to occur in our bellies and minds!

To avoid this, you can still decide to maintain some regularity in your diet, find healthy options and concentrate on consuming warm, down-to-earth meals, which will help calm Vata.

Measures when you return

After returning home from the trip, it is important to give your body a few days to reconnect with life at home. If we embark directly on work or full engagement, we may run the risk of overwork, exhaustion, and long-term fatigue.

Instead, take at least a few days after a long trip, to rest and rejuvenate, stay home, be quiet, eat nutritious foods, and relax. During this time, it is the ideal opportunity to practicerestorative yoga, which regulates the nervous system, relieves tension in the body and calms the mind …

Trifala– the miracle of the three fruits will also help you after your return. After traveling, our digestive and elimination systems have taken their toll. Many people suffer from constipation, diarrhea and indigestion.

Help your body get things on track and remove all residual waste by getting Trifala, an amazing Ayurvedic formula that combines 3 fruitsamalaki, haritaki and babhitaki.

Ayurveda during travels

To promote deep and restful sleep, take Golden Milk at bedtime. In the days after the trip, it is important to boost your immunity, increase your vitality, promote rest and sleep and return to optimal functioning.

Golden milkis considered one of the most useful drinks you can make at home. This Ayurvedic drink has incredible health benefits, thanks to theturmeric it contains.

You can use fresh cow's milk as well as any nut milk, such as almond, rice or anything else you prefer. In a glass or small bowl, mix turmeric, cinnamon and black pepper.

Be sure to use black pepper,as it is needed to be able to activate the curcumin in turmeric to be better absorbed by the body.In a metal bowl, heat the milk, then add the spice mixture and stir for about 2-3 minutes.

Once the golden milk is ready, leave it to cool and season it with the provided amount of honey. Do not put honey in hot golden milk to preserve its valuable qualities.

Ayurveda during travels

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