Ayurvedic preventive care for better health at home


Health care is a lifelong journey– you need to work on it every day, not just promise it for the new year. According to Ayurveda experts, there are ways to enrich our daily lives with Ayurvedic wisdom – simple things we can do every day to stay healthy and happy. Preventive care for good health can also be applied at home.


How can Ayurveda help us live a calmer and better life?

Originating in ancient India thousands of years ago, Ayurveda is a view of universal harmony and the place of man in it. On this basis, a comprehensive concept of lifestyle in harmony with natural laws and processes is derived. This way of life is a system of disease prevention that has evolved over many centuries.

Ayurveda teaches how to be healthy and live happily ever after. Many people do not know that many health problems are associated with the wrong routine of the day. For example, headaches can often be the result of such a wrong regimen.

According to the principles of Ayurveda, all diseases are the result of disturbances in our life energy. It is divided into three types, called doshas, ​​found in every person – these are Vata, Pita and Kafa.

Each of us corresponds to one type, but most of them are dominated by a mixture of two doshas. The things we do increase or decrease the power of the dosha. Physical and mental problems arise when the doshas are unbalanced.

In such cases, Ayurveda recommends various remedies – special nutrition, massages, herbs, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. These remedies are generally determined according to the dosha, which is out of balance, and not according to the basic type.

With Ayurveda one can achieve eternal health. Some people think that all this is very complicated and requires special conditions and a lot of time. To help yourself have a better life, the principles of Ayurveda for good health can be applied at home.

Ayurvedic preventive care for better health at home

Preventive care at home

Nourish your body with smart foods

Sometimes it's better to think about what you can eatto feel healthy, not what you can't. Home-cooked food is indispensable.

Start the day, for example, with a stewed apple and it will improve your health in a number of ways. First of all, this is an ideal Ayurvedic breakfast because it is  light, warm and nourishing.

Your digestive system needs warm, nourishing foods in the morning to stimulate it, but not too much. Digestive fire just wakes up and will be at full power when the sun is high in the sky at noon. That's when heavier proteins and larger amounts of food should be eaten.

Stewed applealso helps your excretory system because it is easily digested and contains a lot of fiber. It also contains vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. All of this is good for weight loss, because anything that is easy to digest and adds nutrients, not empty calories, helps the body burn fat.

For lunch eat natural "smart" foods, such as cooked vegetables, whole grains such as quinoa, rye, millet or amaranth, healthy proteins such as lentils, split mung bean or breadcrumbs. Make this meal your greatest because your body can handle more at this time of day.

For dinner, eat less than lunch. Digestive fire burns lower and you also do not want to overload the body just before bedtime. Soups, whole grains and vegetables are good choices for dinner.

Season your food with spices, as they are extremely useful for digestion. Their choice depends on the type of dosha.

Ayurvedic preventive care for better health at home

Exercise every day

Your body craves routine. If you exercise at the same time every day, eat at the same time and sleep at the same time, your body will respond with better digestion, better sleep and generally better immunity.

Ayurvedic preventive care for better health at home

Also, the Ayurvedic concept is that you should not rest the day after a workout. The idea is to never exercise with more than 50% of your capacity. This amount will vary for different people depending on your body type, age and overall health.

The way to find out if you are starting to exceed your capacity is if sweat starts to form on your nose, forehead or underarms. Another sign is if you can no longer breathe through your nose.

Nasal breathing is recommended for Ayurvedic exercises. If you startfeeling air through your mouth, it's time to slow down or stop.

If you follow this direction, you will always feel charged after the exercises, instead of exhausted. And every day you will find that your capacity increases to train more intensely or for a longer time. Naturally, you will be able to do more exercise without ever straining.

Sleep deeper

Adherence to the Ayurvedic routine and eating appropriate foods for your typeBodyare the most important things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. Ayurvedic routine includes going to bed until 9:30 pm, to gain your sleep acquires a deep calm quality.

Avoid watching TV or working on the computer at night, as this makes it difficult to fall asleep. Training during the day also helps to balance the mind and body, so sleep comes naturally in the evening.

Ayurvedic preventive care for better health at home

Get rid of stress

The most effective way to relieve stress is to practice Transcendental Meditation, which you can do at home. Studies show that this is the most effective stress reduction technique available.

Many studies show that the technique of transcendental meditation, relieving stress, brings balance in all areas of life – the physical body,mind, emotions, relationships and even social problems.

Eating more walnuts, fresh coconut, milk and fresh dairy productssuch as breadcrumbs and molasses also helps reduce stress. Overall, eating a balanced Ayurvedic diet and following an Ayurvedic routine is a great weapon against stress. The pranayama breathing exercise, practiced before transcendental meditation, can help calm the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the fight or flight response to stress.

Throughout the day, when you think about it, you can easily practice conscious breathing – just by taking a deep breath through the diaphragm to deliver more oxygen to the brain cells and help calm the mind and heart.

Discard toxins

The most important thing to do is to prevent the formation of toxins. Ayurvedic diet, suitable for your body type, and adherence to a daily and seasonal routine is the best way to prevent the formation of toxins in the digestive tract and at the cellular level.

You can also improve your elimination system (which carries toxins from the digestive tract out of the body through the intestines and urine) by eating prunes and figs in the morning with your stewed apple. Add more vegetables cooked in detoxifying spices to your diet.

Drinking plenty of waterduring the day can also help detoxify the body and prevent aging and dryness. But you can increase the impact many times over by adding a few herbs to your water.

Ayurvedic preventive care for better health at home

Boost your immunity

If you thinkyour immunity is low or just to provide extra protection during the cold and flu season, you can use special immune-boosting spices for vegetables or cereals. Stress also has a lot to do with immunity. In fact, everything you think, say and do affects your health.

In recent years, modern science has also accepted this fact. A name has even been created for it: psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Studies show that negative behaviors such as malice, anger, or harsh speech trigger the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to bombard the body with neurochemicals. These negative chemical messengers disrupt the digestive and immune systems.

So you can say thatnegative behavior (which is usually preceded by negative emotions) directly attacks and undermines immunity. On the other hand, positive behaviors such as sweet conversation and helping other people flood the body with neurochemicals that have a nourishing, supportive effect on the immune system.

Beautify your hair and skin

Beauty is based on good health. In Maharishi Ayurveda beauty has three pillars: inner beauty, outer beauty and lasting, ageless beauty. All the recommendations already discussed help to create inner beauty, a kind of vital good health, which leads to sparkling eyes, radiant skin and shiny hair.

Ayurvedic preventive care for better health at home

Inner beauty is also a reflection of happinessand other positive emotions such as clarity of mind and positive behavior such as sweet, uplifting speech.

Lasting beauty, one that continues at any age, also develops from theseAyurvedic recommendations. Research shows thatpracticing the transcendental meditation program, cleansing your body of aging toxins and following an Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet, the aging process can actually be slow.

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