Ayurveda for advanced


The key to perfection

Ayurveda is  knowledge of a healthy lifestyle,  which preaches harmony with oneself and the world around. In search of its original source, we must go back  5,000 years to India  to draw on  the experience of ancient healers.

Ayurveda is a science based on thousands of years of accumulated wisdom. It is based on the understanding of the five elements –  air, water, fire, earth and space , which make up the whole cosmos. According to this philosophy of life, the human body is a  unique energy field.

Individuality is determined by the ratio within us of the three Doshas  – Vata, Pitta and Kapha , which are related to the basic elements. For example, Vata  is responsible for air and space,  ie. the more prevalent it is, the more active and dynamic a person is.

Pitta  connects with water and fire,  on which metabolism depends. The characteristics of Kapha  depend on the elements water and earth,  and they predetermine the state of immunity.


If the  balance of the Doshas  is disturbed, the body begins to suffer and disease processes appear. They define Ayurveda as  the first medicine in the world,  from which various ancient cultures draw knowledge. In our time, more and more people  apply the experience of Indian healers through daily techniques  to be harmonious and healthy.

How do we not yet know about Ayurveda?

Every science with a long history is an inexhaustible source of knowledge about life. Ayurveda is famous for its  positive effect on many health problems.  People who follow the principles of Indian philosophy know that its power lies in cultivation practice.

 Achieving energy balance  is part of the secret of the healing process, which is necessarily associated with personal awareness in the form of useful practices, healthy foods and spiritual growth.

And it is not necessary to travel the long way to  India  to learn from the original source, because  Ayurveda and its teachers are already practicing all over the world.

In  Bulgaria  Ayurveda the clinics in  Sofia  and Bansko are centers for treatment, detox and prevention. There the new initiates and long practitioners of Indian practices of physical and spiritual development will find  their place for relaxation and consultation with a therapist.

 Programs of different duration with various treatment procedures are offered.  The therapy combines a daily diet and yoga classes to achieve complete relaxation and purification of the body from toxins.

Healing holiday with Ayurveda

Whether you  practice yoga  and follow the rules of healthy eating, the inevitable stress, pandemic situation and dynamic lifestyle require a break and recharging. To  prevent the appearance of diseases,  it is good to take breaks that are optimally useful for the body and state of mind.

The excellent result can be  achieved in a specialized clinic , so that you can combine a series of techniques with a balanced diet and learn  new practices from Indian therapists.

When relaxing with Ayurveda, special attention is paid to  the combination of cooked and raw foods  so that the body is prepared for a series of useful procedures. Here the individual approach is leading as the  dominant dosha is important.

In Vata,  cooked dishes should predominate.  People for whom Pita is considered to be the determining factor, the correct ratio is  70 to 30  at the expense of non-raw products. With the predominance of Kapha energy,  the combination of ½  cooked and as raw food is allowed.

Ayurveda for advanced

Healthy diet

One of the  most important rules in Ayurveda  regarding eating habits is related to the beginning of the day. Immediately after waking up  you should give the body the required dose of water.

Hydration is extremely important for  the proper functioning of the digestive system . The water should be warm, as is the body immediately after sleep. Actually, this is  the first food of the day.

The real breakfast is at least an hour later, mainly  rich in fresh fruit,  ie. sufficiently replenishing with vitamins and nutrients. Lunch should not be missed either.

It allows  the combination of meat with vegetable salads.  Dairy products, legumes, as well as the combination of all tastes are  most suitable for the second main meal.

In the afternoon we can  charge the body with energy  through a small amount of nuts or dried fruits. Dinner is necessarily light, vegetables predominate.

 Spice-rich soups are also suitable.  Indian knowledge of life recommends that food be tailored to individual needs, age and season.

Ayurveda clinics in Sofia and Bansko  healing therapy is combined with a decoction of spices and organic food , which are prepared according to the recommendations of Indian healers.

From here you can  get various Ayurvedic herbal products  with guaranteed quality and origin. Herbs and herbal decoctions, healing oils and many other products are available.

Yoga for advanced

People who practice yoga, they know that improving postures is not an easy process. Even if we know  the requirements for the basic asanas,  sometimes the body needs more time to get used to all  elements for proper performance.

As each pose is a combination of  feeling, energy and beneficial influence,  its application first requires the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Ayurveda for advanced

One of the positions of the body, from which only those who know yoga well, can benefit, is the so-called.  “corpse pose.”  It is also known by the name Shavasana. Thanks to it  achieves the necessary balance of body and mind.  When properly performed and breathed, it leads to prosperous peace.

For maximum effect  the body must be prepared and warmed . Lie on your back, legs and arms relaxed with palms facing up. The pose is  performed with closed eyes and breathing calmly.

The goal is to  achieve complete relaxation.  With Shavasana you can end the yoga session, as it is a way of complete relaxation, followed by  meditation.

Ayurvedic purification systems

Only under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor and trained therapists  accumulated toxins can be removed from our body efficiently and safely.  In Ayurveda, two basic and interrelated procedures are applied. Purvakarma prepares the body with the help of sauna, thermal procedures, herbal massages and douches with oils. Panchakarma is the inner purification for healing purposes.

The methods used include:

  • vomiting
  • taking herbal decoctions as laxatives
  • drug enema
  •  blood purification if necessary

Ayurveda for advanced

Each such therapy  helps to strengthen the immunity, especially in a pandemic situation.  In Ayurveda Clinic Sofia you can undergo several days  therapy for prevention and recovery.  It is also suitable after a virus or predisposition to disease.

To improve the functions of the body are  suitable basic therapies with healing oils.  For a start, a steam bath is suitable. In general, it relaxes the body, strengthens blood circulation and is a good basis for  subsequent Ayurvedic effects.

A suitable combination for general strengthening is  Sarvang Bashpa Sveta and Abyangam therapy.  Characteristic of this steam bath is that different herbs and oils are used to  penetrate the steam deep into the tissues , to relax the muscle groups as much as possible and to stimulate nerves.

In the  individual sauna cabin  the required heating temperature is achieved, followed by nourishment of the skin with oils, and  the massage leads to relaxation of the body and mind.

Ayurveda for advanced

Warm-up procedures have a stimulating effect. The therapy  Pinda Sveda  is warming the body with hot bags. They are made of cotton and are full of herbs,  suitable for calming the nervous system and improving blood circulation.  The procedure has detoxifying properties.

 Pad Abyangam therapy has an excellent result in those suffering from restless sleep. It includes a foot and leg massage. The soothing method has a  positive effect on vision,  because it reduces eye strain. This procedure has a fast and guaranteed  anti-stress effect.

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