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As a profound source of millennial wisdom and knowledge about the functioning of our spirit and body, Ayurveda can offer many ways to take care of our appearance. The beauty products of Ayurveda are devoid of parabens or other substances that could harm us.

What's even better is that we can make them from home. All you have to keep in mind is that like all other Ayurvedic remedies, we have to choose the most suitable one for beauty recipes.

The principle is to match the cosmetic products from our arsenal with our individuality – namely the balance of the three vital energies of the patient, which in Ayurveda are called doshas.They are cotton wool, coffee and pita and usually each of us is a unique combination of two doshas, ​​and only one third of the people have an optimally balanced distribution of doshas. Very rarely are there people with a predominant single dosha.

Interaction between the balance of doshas and the condition of the skin

There are quite a wide range of natural products, whose qualities we can take advantage of – fruit, fresh or yogurt, honey and essential oils. However, it is not enough to let our imagination run wild.

We need to be equipped with quite deep knowledge of Ayurveda, or consult with experts in the field so that we can be sure that we choose the right components.

  • Usually, when cotton wool is irritated, our skin wrinkles too early, we notice dark circles under our eyes, we feel withered and tired.
  • When pie goes out of balance, our skin looks like that of a teenager – we may have more freckles, discoloration here and there and are more prone to rashes than other people.
  • Inharmonious coffee doshacauses stickiness and oiliness of the skin, sometimes with swelling.

Face creams

To refresh normal skin without any imbalance, we can use, for example, almond oil with honey and a little lemon juice. Seek advice to find out what is your dominant dosha or combination of doshas.

People with a pita-kafa constitution, for example, usually have a tendency to oily skin on the face in the winter and excessive drying in the summer season. This necessitates a comprehensive strategy in caring for our skin and hair, to always give it exactly the ingredients it needs, while avoiding burdening it with toxins or things that are in excess.

Аюрведа козметиката

Hair masks

Oils and herbsare also used when it comes to hair and scalp care. If the balance is disturbed in vata energy, the hair mask that is best to use is recommended to be based on brahmi (or bakopa) – also called Shenzhen in Ayurveda. Use a little brahmi pollen depending on the required quantity for the respective length and volume of the hair.

Masks involving turmericare a reliable method to deal with hair problems that are caused by fluctuations of coffee dosha. We must be careful with turmeric, considering that too much of it can upset both cotton wool and pita dosha.

Аюрведа козметиката

People with irritated pita dosha usually have hair problems associated with early hair loss and hair discoloration. They can be solved with some masks, including prepared at home, if we can get the right ingredients. One of the miraculous herbs that can help us in such a moment is amalaki.

Аюрведа козметиката

It is accepted in Ayurveda that even more important than taking cosmetic measures is to completely change our diet. If we suffer from pita-induced hair loss, however, we will certainly have to exclude all spicy foods, as well as fried and greasy, because it would only make things worse.

On the other hand, emphasize carrots, it's good to even drink juice from them. You can expect their great effect in a week. Of course, we should not overdo them so that there is no change in skin pigmentation.

Creams and scrubs for hands and body

The principle for the skin of the hands and body is the same as for face and hair masks – we choose the products we will use based on our personal energy profile.

Again, we need to think about what our constitution is and – respectively, what we need – purification, nourishment or hydration.

Coconut oil, for example, has a wonderful moisturizing effect. You can use it in combination with coconut essential oil (oil).

To cleanse the skin of the face we can apply a mixture of almond shavings, powdered milk and ground orange peel. You can use it as a scrub that has a relatively neutral effect on doshas. You can add a quarter teaspoon of the herb, which corresponds to your energy.

Another option is to mix equal parts candied honey with lemon juice or just apply the honey on a lemon slice, easy to grip, and use it as a tampon to clean your face. Again, you can use the scrub in its neutral form or add a teaspoon of pollen from your herb (for vata dosha – brahmi, for pita – amalaki, for coffee – turmeric).


From time immemorial, henna has always been an important part of Indian life. It has long been used as a decoration for hands and nails, and also in religious rituals and many others. In Ayurveda it finds many applications for treatment of eczema, scabies, fungal infections and others.

You can safely use any organic henna and be sure that it is harmless, as long as it is of really pure origin and the most important thing is that it is not black. Black henna contains a pigment that is highly toxic and should be avoided.

In Ayurveda, only environmentally friendly, organic products are used without the use of fertilizers, insecticides and other harmful substances.

What is the location of the nails?

As we have already hinted, some things are not a matter of care and pampering per se, but rather their condition reflects our inner health. How can we expect to cheat her beautiful nails if our whole body is out of balance? Nevertheless, we can rely on some little Ayurvedic tricks to save ourselves in the short term while thinking about a deeper strategy in the future.


Аюрведа козметиката

Aromatherapy has been deeply embedded in the traditions of Ayurveda since the dawn of history. It is used in massages, meditative practices and yoga, as proven to enhance their beneficial effect.

Cleaning and whitening of teeth

Аюрведа козметиката

Ginger root and clove flowers, as well as the bark of the exotic tree medlar (Latin Mimusops elengi; also called Spanish cherry), the core of carnations (Latin Senegalia chundra) and many others are the perfect ingredients for a useful and effective dental care.

Care for the appearance… inside

As we already know, in Ayurveda it is much more important not what we put on our skin, but what we introduce inside the system of our body. If we overdo it with harmful foods and drinks, with stress, with all those things that burden and exhaust us every day of our lives, we should not be surprised to notice that our beauty has begun to wither. In order for it to bloom long and truly, we must take enough care to nourish and purify it.

In nature disorders of the balance of pita and vata doshas are the most common. However, in order to determine our personal predisposition, as well as the specific problem at the moment, it is good to trust experts.

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