Ayurvedic glasses for better vision


Do you have vision problems? Do you want to wear sunglasses, but what you have tried is not suitable for you? Are you looking for a natural cheap alternative to expensive prescription glasses and risky eye surgery? If so, we have good news for you. You may not know it, but there are Ayurvedic glasses that prevent, treat and improve your vision problems!

Glasses that can constantly improve your vision, not just correct it, may sound like something straight out of a dream. But this is what really happens with the use of Ayurvedic glasses, also known as "pinhole". This hiring is necessary because they look like sunglasses covered with a grid of small holes. It is said that wearing glasses for 15-20 minutes a day can lead to noticeable improvements in your vision.

There is no doubt that while wearing glasses, a clearer image is created for those with impaired vision, similar to squinting, in an effort to see something better. The glasses in question reduce the pupils, and thus the amount of light passing through them.

Ayurvedic glasses for better vision

The lenses of these glasses are made of opaque material, such as plastic or metal, and are perforated into small holes with a diameter of 0.9 to 1.2 mm, located vertically and horizontally at a distance of 3 mm from each other. The holes block the strong external rays and release only the small and gentle rays that pass through the central part of the pupil. In this way, they solve many eye problems such as: myopia, hyperopia, cataracts, astigmatism (blurred vision from any distance) and presbyopia (inability to focus close).

Instead of refocusing your eye with traditional prescription glasses, which, as you know, do not seek to improve your vision, but only to help you see better. This inevitably further weakens your eye muscles, leading to more damage. While Ayurvedic glasses reduce blur and stimulate the eye muscles, thus improving your vision.

The method of these unusual glasses has been known for centuries, but is already used by qualified optometrists as an aid for impaired vision in cases where conventional prescription glasses can not help, such as corneal scarring.

While normal glasses generally make your eyes look lazier, these glasses encourage the use of ciliary muscles in order to make them stronger so that you may not need glasses as an aid at some point. This is based on the view that the eye can adapt to the environment and can be encouraged to change.

It is also claimed that improvements can be seen within a few weeks. This is true for those who do not have particularly serious vision problems, such as if they just need reading glasses. And those of you who are in constant need of prescription glasses will need a few months.

Ayurvedic glasses for better vision


What causes blurred vision?

The eye is healthy when it can focus on light rays coming from all parts of the pupil, at a small point on the retina. This is actually the light-sensitive tissue in the back of the eye. When your eye is not strong enough to focus on light at that single point, the rays fall in front of or behind the retina, causing blurred vision.


The ancient method of treatment in a modern setting

You are probably wondering how Ayurvedic glasses work. The image through them reaches the eye through small holes, which stimulates your eyes to work harder to see what you are focusing on, which in turn strengthens the muscles of the eyeball.

The effect of wearing Ayurvedic glasses is noticeable almost immediately, but optimal results and improved vision can be seen after a minimum of 6 weeks of regular wear. In the first stage of treatment, you should wear the glasses for a short time to get your eyes used to them, after which, you can gradually increase the wearing time to a maximum of 2-3 hours each day.


The danger of wearing prescription glasses

Modern technological advances have drastically improved our lives, but there is one particular drawback and this is the excessive use of our eye muscles with computers, phones, tablets, television and others.

Ayurvedic glasses for better vision

Unfortunately, wearing traditional diopter glasses does nothing positive to fix the problem, but actually makes it worse! These glasses help you see more clearly, but what may look like a good thing is not really because they weaken your eye muscles. It's like hiring a fitness trainer and getting him to lift weights for you.

Realize that if traditional prescription glasses really improve vision, then why do most of us need to see an ophthalmologist to increase our diopters year after year?


Who can wear Ayurvedic glasses?

Anyone who has noticed a deterioration in their eyesight can benefit from wearing Ayurvedic glasses. The same goes for those of you who want to prevent vision problems. Ayurveda glasses are recommended mainly for people who work on a computer.

Scientific studies show that 2-3 hours in front of the screen contributes to eye strain, irritation, redness, burning, general discomfort and, of course, permanent visual impairment.

Anyone can use these glasses. They are safe, regardless of age and lifestyle. You do not need to wear them constantly to improve your eyesight, but it is recommended that you wear them when reading, watching TV, or working in front of a computer.

It is important that Ayurvedic glasses can be worn by both adults and children, regardless of the degree and type of visual impairment.

Ayurvedic glasses for better vision


Advantages of wearing Ayurvedic glasses

• Improved vision at all distances

Ayurvedic glasses can improve a person's vision, whether it is farsighted or short-sighted. Whether you want to read a magazine a few inches from your face or need help to see the blackboard in the classroom more clearly, glasses can offer you support.

• Improved clarity

These glasses will allow you to see more clearly. If you have an eye problem of any kind, these glasses will make it easier to see objects, provided you do not have 6 diopters or more.

• Increased brightness

Because glasses affect the way light reaches your eyes, they can also improve the way your eyes perceive the brightness of an object. Even in a dimly lit environment, such as a theater or in the evening, glasses emit light to your eyes in a way that makes things look brighter.

Although they do not increase the amount of light that reaches your eyes, they can filter it so that the light reaches them in a straight line, which gives the illusion of more light.

Ayurvedic glasses for better vision


Pinhole Ayurvedic glasses are a good device for many people who have vision problems. If you find that it is increasingly difficult to see and you do not want to use lenses or prescription glasses all the time, these glasses may be something worth trying.

Since they cannot be used while driving, it is good to know that they are not suitable for wearing while driving or when walking on the street. Therefore, to improve your eyesight, you need to find time to wear them at home.

The good news is that depending on the severity of your problem, Ayurvedic glasses will be able to improve your vision with consistent wear.

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