Bleeding hemorrhoids


Types of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a disease in which varicose veins appear in the area of the anus, pain, and difficulties in having a bowel movement. At more advanced stages, there might be a slipping out of the rectum, through the anus, to various degrees, and bleeding.

Imbalance of each Dosha could cause hemorrhoids. However, they are mainly related to the variations in Vata and Pitta energies in the body. The hemorrhoids caused by imbalanced Kapha, do not bleed and do not create major problems.

Hemorrhoids of Vata type are solid, with irregular shape, dry, rarely bleeding; they can be assimilated to raisins. Pitta hemorrhoids are red; there are inflammation and bleeding. They are painful, may burst, and the bleeding is heavy. They could be assimilated to red grapes. The less problematic Kapha hemorrhoids are like green grapes.

The hemorrhoids can also be defined as an "internal” type and  an "external” type:

  • The internal ones are like polyps and are generally caused by problems with the Kapha Dosha.
  • The external ones are around the anus and are painful.

Usually, the hemorrhoids can be cured completely, as for this, Ayurveda uses combinations of different methods and means – diet, activities, herbs, oils, both for the correction of the Doshas and for a direct effect on the hemorrhoids. For a relief of the painful areas as well as for the itchiness, are used candles, lotions, and pastes.

The Ayurveda treatment is specific for each patient according to the leading Dosha, as well as to the type and degree of the deviations. Therefore, it should be carried out by an ayurvedic doctor, or through consultation with him.

The overall goal is to restore the natural body energy balance, so that the body can perform its functions to a full extent, through which, to eliminate the reasons for the development of disease. In principle, it can be said, that, in the first place, the optimization of the digestive fire should be improved, so that the digestion and the absorption of the substances are improved. Turmeric is used, pepper – black and red, ginger, basil, and others, which also affect the large intestine, by improving its blood circulation.

Herbs for bleeding hemorrhoids | Ayurvedasofia.bgTreatment

If the hemorrhoids are caused by Vata imbalance, pain except in the area of the colon and the anus is received in the bladder as well, in the lower abdomen, in the back, and the pelvis. The appetite is reduced. Treatment is carried out to balance the Vata energy.

Very important is the diet – the food must be wettish, warm, greasy. To moist the large intestine, warm sesame oil can be used, that should be applied externally in the anus or by enema. Also, laxatives are used. Of the herbs, with varied effect are used, amla (Indian Gooseberry) harithaki (Terminalia chebula), Ashwagandha, the herbal combination of Triphala, etc.

The hemorrhoids, of Pitta type, are treated with diet, to reduce that Dosha. Green vegetables and lettuce are beneficial. Aubergines, potatoes, and tomatoes should be avoided.

Of the herbs with a favourable effect are turmeric, aloe-vera juice, cranberry. Triphala is used in this case as well. A popular combination is a mixture of turmeric, berberis, and mustard. A soothing and haemostatic effect has the herb, Ashoka.

With the Kaphа hemorrhoids, the glands may get swollen or polyps may appear in other parts of the body. The disease may be accompanied by cold, cough, sweetish taste in the mouth, enhanced salivation.

Activating and cleansing spices are used – black pepper, also red pepper, ginger. Effective are Triphala and Trikatu taken with honey.

Irrespective of the type of the hemorrhoids, there are also common means and ways to help in the treatment:

  • The aloe-vera juice – one tablespoon, can be mixed with ginger and to be taken twice a day.
  • Also, a cup of carrot juice helps, to which, a tablespoon of coriander juice is added. It is taken on an empty stomach twice a day.
  • For external effect on the hemorrhoids, a mixture of one teaspoon of turmeric and one tablespoon of Ghee can be used at bedtime. After a bowel movement, it is advisable that the anus should be well washed with warm water, and castor oil slightly applied on the hemorrhoids.

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