Why the body allows infections

The gonorrhea is an infection, which is transmitted sexually but in fact, the reason for its appearance and development is the disturbance in the energy balances of the body. It is about disturbed balance amongst the three energies called Doshas.

This energy balance is naturally set by birth in every person, in unique proportions. In these proportions, one or two of the energies are prevailing, as, there is still one which is the leading one.

Each of the Doshas is responsible for certain activities and in its combination, it gives the body the completeness in all its functions for protection, existence, and development. If through his lifestyle, one maintains proper /natural set/ ratio of the energies, his organs and systems have optimal performance.

Thus, there is no basis for the appearance and development of diseases; the body copes with them at the very initial stage. In practice, however, the person himself causes an imbalance in the Doshas. This is done through food consumption, which is inadequate with the requirements of his specific body type, with unsuitable conditions of work and life, with everyday life that does not correspond to the natural rhythm of the processes and cycles in his body. Thus the energy imbalances are caused, which undermine the function of the organs; the systems start functioning incompletely; conditions for diseases are created and some of them are infections like gonorrhea.

Ayurveda for gonorrhea | Ayurvedasofia.bgDiet, energy balance and treatment of gonorrhea

Nutrition is especially important for the maintenance or the restoration of the energy balance, for the body to be able to cope with the infection. For each Dosha, there are certain foods, food combinations and the way that they have to be consumed.

According to this the Dosha could be increased or decreased. If this increase or decrease is not in accordance with the goals of the treatment, and it happens due to improper diet, imbalance and diseases are triggered.

If for example, the person’s type of body is Pitta, he should not consume foods, increasing the Pitta Dosha, because it will come out of balance. At the same time, people of Kapha type, let’s say, have no problem to consume foods, increasing the Pitta – on the contrary, they are recommended for the Kapha type.

In general, for Vata Dosha, are suitable foods which are nutritious, they warm up and are greasier. The cold, dry and raw foods are inappropriate. Of the tastes, recommended are the sweet,  the salty and the sour tastes; there should be restrictions for the bitter, the sour and the astringent ones.

For Pitta, useful are the liquid and cooling foods; the hot ones are counter-indicative. Appropriate tastes are bitter, sweet and astringent; the spicy taste, the sour and the salty ones should be avoided. For Kapha Dosha, suitable are the dry, warm and light kinds of food and of the tastes – bitter, spicy and astringent.   

Treatment resources for gonorrhea | Ayurvedasofia.bgTreatment resources and methods

Apart from the Ayurveda diet, for the restoration of the energy balance and the treatment of gonorrhea, Ayurveda uses herbs, spices, oils, saunas, massages, etc. There are universal means, which affect the restoration of the overall balance of the three Doshas, as well as means of specialized effect on the elimination of specific problems. A particularly important focus of the treatment is the cleansing of toxins from the body.

With a high Vata imbalance widely used are ginger tea and fennel tea, which have a cathartic effect. The clove and the black pepper are used to activate the blood circulation for the nourishment of the cells with oxygen and nutrients. The sesame oil is appropriate, which has a warming effect and is used for massage as well.

For Pitta balance, suitable are the mint, the coriander, the cumin, the tarragon, the peppermint, the sesame oil, the peppermint oil and the sunflower oil. They are cooling, they have a cathartic effect, and improve the digestion and absorption of the substances; also, they soothe the nervous system and have antioxidant properties.

Kapha imbalance and its symptoms are corrected with numerous herbs – raspberry leaves, thyme, liquorice, ginger, etc. For the soothing effect, used are, for example, the lavender, the camomile, the lemongrass, which are anti-inflammatory. These herbs can be used as a tea, as well as for aromatherapy treatment.

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