Irregular Menstrual Cycle


The discomfort should not be considered normal

The menstruation is one of the ways the female body to self-purify in a natural way. It should not be assumed that the strong pain for example or the heavy bleeding is something natural.

The female body is so designed, that the monthly cycle to be regular, without tension, pain and negative emotions, if the health state is good. The heavy discomfort in the monthly cycle informs us about changes in the three energies in the body – reduction or increase of Vata, Pitta, or Kapha, or combined deviations from their balance.

The processes of self-purification during the monthly cycle weaken the other body activities to a certain extent, by affecting the digestive tract as well. Therefore, during this period, the digestive fire should be stimulated.

Pitta energy, which is responsible for the transformation, the absorption of the useful substances, and the elimination of the unnecessary or harmful ones, should be increased. When Pita Dosha has weakened, the body ceases to differentiate between the "useful" for distribution around the body, and the "harmful" for elimination; a tendency to purify everything begins. This greatly increases the menstrual bleeding. Here, it does not matter, whether the nature has set Pitta energy in the body balance as a leading one, or as a secondary one, on the account of Vata or Kapha Doshas.

In principle, to stimulate Pitta and to improve the digestion, during the monthly cycle, it is recommendable to eat ginger, turmeric, garlic, black pepper, cinnamon, coriander, dill, saffron, cardamom, etc. Most of these herbs and spices have a versatile effect, and affect in a certain way both Vata and Kapha, so, they should be present in the menu as a daily diet for maintaining the energy balance.

But their intake, like all the Ayurveda remedies, must be consulted with an ayurvedic doctor because everybody’s body and energy balance are strictly individual. This applies both to the food and the daily regime.

Herbs for irregular menstrual cycle | Ayurvedasofia.bgVata deviations and menstruation

The problems with the menstruation actually direct first to the out-of-balance Vata – the energy of the movements, including the blood circulation, the bowel movement, and the urination. The sharp decrease in Vata dries the body and can even lead to stopping of the menstruation for months.

The variations in this Dosha come mostly from the incorrect, hectic life, full of tension and continuous stress. These are frequent journeys, physical and mental overburdening, irregular meals of dry and stale food, alternation of all-day starvation among the "large number of tasks", and the overeating after that, etc.

That combines Vata changes with poor digestion, at which toxins are released and spread around the body. Their accumulation leads to a restriction in the different fine energy channels – ‘terms’, including blood ones as well, among which there are specific ones for transmission of the menstruation.

Not only through lifestyle changes, but Vata is also balanced through diet and herbs, various Ayurvedic therapies. For the balancing of Vata energy, cooked dishes must be eaten; the dishes should be oily and should be consumed warm. Appropriate are the thinner mashes.

Appropriate tastes are: sour, sweet and salty. It is necessary the astringent and the bitter tastes to be avoided. The recommended kinds of food are fish, curd, dairy products, oats, wheat, amaranth, quinoa, rice, but not white rice.

Of the fruits, good for Vata are: cherries, grapes, peaches, prunes, avocados, oranges, and of the vegetables – carrots, asparagus green beans, peas, courgettes, etc. The pulse must include well-softened mung beans, red and black lentil, yellow peas.

The soya, the brown lentil, the black beans, and the chick-peas should be avoided. Appropriate herbs and spices are the universal ginger, fennel, asafoetida, the nutmeg, the ajwain, the cumin, cinnamon, clove, basil, cardamom, black pepper, mint, marjoram, mustard, thyme, turmeric, etc.

Here again, it should be emphasized, that all the foods, herbs and therapies must be coordinated with the ayurvedic doctor because they affect the Doshas differently. The warming ones, for example, are good for Vata, but counter-indicative for Pitta and if not used correctly, the energy balance will not be restored.

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