Escape from reality, enjoy new kind of entertainment in Bansko


Entertainment in Bansko offers to escape a little from reality, the so-called Escape Room (room escape) .This is a new kind of entertainment: a room with a mystery that must be solved for several hours of team The participants. While you assist in the adventure have the chance to feel a bit like a fairy or Sherlock Holmes and his companion John Watson. You can connect with each other in a unique way and feel like the best team in the world. The latter is the reason Escape rooms are often used by corporate organizations as an exercise for team building: the creation and development of collective values ​​in the team. In addition to colleagues this game can be played with friends, family, even your boyfriend. It is not advisable, however, to lead someone on a first date game, which is designed to create tension. An Escape Room game is best when shared with people that you care, that you have long-term relationships. Half the pleasure is then celebrate together feeling.

Escape Room is a fantastic experience – fun and challenging for adventurous souls who love surprises and are highly motivated to succeed. Finally there is a game suitable for everyone from 9 to 99 years. Are you ready for adventure?

Dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes – you may have to crawl on the floor.

Between two and six people are locked in themed and decorated room and have to look for keys to decipher riddles and solve puzzles to escape the room before their time runs out – usually between 30 and 60 minutes. Escape Room is a game that challenges you mentally, while being very funny. The key to success is to Escape Room in a team in which people have raznobrazie of different skills and can communicate and work well. Most of these games are really difficult – the chances are not succeed, but usually do not succeed in a very entertaining way. Of course, this is a game the whole time watching you and if you happen to panic, I'll go.

Escape games are really exciting. They test your skills, your patience and knowledge and especially your ability to work in a team. They have a chance to remember childhood and create in you feelings of decades ago. Wondering how to feel again in fantasy 9 and 99 in the attempt?

Stop wondering and go play!

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