Rejuvenation and detox of the organism with Panchakarma and Purvakarma

Ayurveda offers unique therapeutically measures that treats mild and chronic diseases – even those considered incurable by modern medicine. Uninvited first to sezapoznaems Ayurvedic terminiPanchakarmaiPurvakarma.
Parvotooznachavasistema consisting of five different types of deep purification of the body.
Purvakarma means prior therapies.
Before place Panchakarma, people need to reduce excess doshas and to clear toxins from their body. This is achieved by eating lightly seasoned dishes according to their dosha.
In Purvakarma has ten useful therapies: anointing of the body, therapy sweating, herbal tonics, oils, exercise, nutrition, aromatherapy, color / dishes / environment, Sadhana (a type of meditation healing mind and body), and of course lifestyle.
Stories abound about people who were treated Panchakarma centers and weeks then they came out strong, straight and resumed. Ayurveda is not based on magic and understanding of medical principles and the six stages of the disease.
The most dangerous body are toxins that cause disease. Panchakarma permanently eliminate these toxins from the body, restores tissues, channels, digestion and mental functions.
Six treatments were divided into two categories:
1. Toning or feeding
2. Reduce or detoxified
Panchakarma treatment program is necessary to regain doshas in their respective places. Panchakarma is a special procedural powerful program that requires guidance from trained medical staff, not someone with modest knowledge of Ayurveda. It is performed individually for each person with his special constitution and his medical condition perches. It requires supervision and guidance at every stage, including implementation and support after.
 The purpose of Panchakarma is not only recover, but to purify the body and strengthen it so that future disease does not occur and the patient to enjoy a long and healthy life. It can be seen in this aspect as a type of rejuvenation.
When cells live longer, the person lives longer. Panchakarma gives strength, vitality and longevity, enhances energy and maintain immunity. Health is becoming increasingly strong.
After performing your procedure rejuvenate take a moment to fortify its power. Purposeful his rest by not wasting a lot of vital energy, eat carefully according to your constitution, meditate and do yoga asanas regularly.
The basis of treatment according to Ayurveda is confidence. Because of the relationship of the body with the mind, our confidence is transmitted to our cells. Each one of them is the center of intelligence and awareness. Self-esteem, confidence and self-esteem increase intelligence cells and enhance immunity and health.

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