The secret of longevity is in Ayurveda terapies. Find out why!

Ayurveda – the ancient science of life and longevity forms the basis of all other medical sciences. Most important for longevity is the daily routine, which changes according to the season. It helps to create the necessary harmony to the body.
What is Ayurvedic daily routine?
Ayurvedic physicians magnify purity, for them it is equal to divinity. The patient is advised to take care of daily cleansing of the bowel in a squatting position, to care for the bodies of the urinary system. It is also advised to still rubbed his tongue tool of gold, silver, copper, tin or zinc. It is believed that cleaning frees the oppressed emotions.
Eye wash with lukewarm water, it improves vision and all diseases of the eye, refreshes the mind. Head, ears and body using essential oils. Bathing is purifying, aphrodisiac, extended life washes away fatigue, sweat and dirt, updated body. Cleaning the feet daily is important for intelligence, purity, longevity. Clean clothes increase the charm and glory and life expectancy.
Podryazavaneto of hair, nails, beard, mustache nourish, beautify and most pure body.
At sunrise, the patient is nice to look in the direction of the first sun rays. This exercise improves vision and vitality. Diet varies according to the season. Spring practice exercises, massages with essential oils, aromatherapy, smoking brides gargarene, eyewash.
Winter is the time for hot foods, wind, cold drinks and eat sugar cane, oil, hot water and dairy products and also raw honey, sour and salty. In winter go to the steam bath or massage with essential oils.
Summer eat more raw and lightly steamed vegetables, cold juices, sweets, milk and rice as spicy foods are avoided. One nap in the cool room during the day and sleep in a well ventilated place. Recommended are the sails, cool water, spending time in forests and abstinence from sexual acts.
In autumn eat bitter, tart and sweet, easily digestible food, purify the body. Sit outside, wear or sandalwood powder, wear pearls and bathe in the moonlight.
It is a pleasure to do yogic exercises as yoga is inextricably linked to Ayurveda. All these Ayurvedic tips you back to health, which everyone deserves. Their application leads to a life that is lived with delight and pleasure. Routine is individual for each person depending on his Vata, Pita and Kapha dosha and prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioner medic.

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