Ayurveda has helped many people to recover

Ayurvedic principles seek to extend human life span by offering care for body, mind and environment with a strong emphasis on prevention and a holistic approach to treatment.
The man is considered healthy when there is a strong appetite, tissues and physiological fluids in order, wastes the body eliminate successfully senses and mind his experience joyful states.
Among the methods of treatment are individually prescribed Yogic exercises, work with the energy centers of the body, application of individual Ayurvedic diet. After checking the physical type and general health practitioner is able to formulate a diet and tips for living in harmony and in good health. The body is purified, treated began practicing meditation, in some cases vegetarianism highly recommended.
The practitioner gives the treated tips on caring for the five senses: refreshing eye care for your teeth and gums, keeping the tongue and mouth. He teaches the patient to love your body, take care of it massages with essential oils and choose comfortable clothes and appropriate perfumes. Diseases are alleviated by yoga exercises. Surya Namaskar – Yogi series of exercises called "I congratulate the Sun" is a type of physical prayer to the life-giving force of the solar system. When done correctly it provides a beneficial effect on body, mind and spirit.
Ayurveda offers rituals for sleep and fertility. It offers to master the power of herbs. Diet changes with the seasons and ayurvedic doctors offer their customers a delicious approach to a holistic way of eating. Food should stimulate the palate – if not tasty, it is not useful, but it has six different flavors that combine to experience them – eat organic food.
Your practitioner will prescribe a diet suited to your dosha. Eat the holy Indian corn "basmati rice" – it is sweet, fragrant and fueled appetite. Almond milk is also recommended widely. Honey and pollen are pshelniyat ilachi almost everything. You can always refresh and diversify the diet with fasting, offered several types. Add to her herbs and spices Satisfy your thirst by drinking five to eight glasses of water daily.
Ayurveda also offers skin treatments and hair in combination with a special Ayurvedic massage with multiple beneficial benefits to the body. Incorrect expressed fear and anger is bad for digestion, so that emotions should also be careful.

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