How to cure ourselves and live long

For the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, health is a balance, equilibrium set by the individual’s individual nature. This includes both the interrelated physiological processes in the individual systems of the human organism, as well as the mental, and spiritual equilibrium, tranquility. Is this overall balance broken, disease starts.
What can make the body out of this balance? There are things that are totally or largely dependent on the person himself. This is the type of food we eat, the way we eat it, the combination of work and rest, the ability to give complete rest to the body.
There are also things like hereditary factors that do not depend on us but which we must take into account in our lifestyle. It also affects the social environment, for which we need to know what to avoid and what we strive in order not to get us out of balance but to influence and develop us positively.
As can be seen, for Ayurveda before the illness there is a whole set of things that one has to “decide” for. In any case – including starting treatment with Ayurveda, he must have an active role, make his choice and not deviate from it.
In this sense, this ancient science is not just medicine, it is also a teaching how to live to be healthy and complete. And when the illnesses come, the medical part of Ayurveda is included, which is environmentally friendly and cure all diseases.
As a medicine, Ayurveda is an integral part of the whole teaching. It not only removes the consequences – the illnesses that appear, but also eliminates the reasons for them. It purifies the body and restores the energy balance in it. Purification is especially important because the poisons accumulated in the body are at the root of the disease.
From the harmful food and the unhealthy diet in the body, a sticky layer of heavy metals, pesticides and free radicals are laid, from which he can not free himself, and they violate his basic functions.
When starting treatment with Ayurveda, two methods of detoxifying the body, whose healing effect is recognized by the World Health Organization – Purvakarma and Panchkarma, are applied. The first is a complex of outdoor procedures – sprays, massages and rubbing with medicinal oils and herbs, herbal saunas. Its purpose is to move poison zones and prepare the body for internal cleansing with Panchkarma – cleansing and weakening therapies.
According to the general condition, the type and extent of the disease, Ayurveda the physician combines different therapies of both methods. At its discretion, it is possible to prescribe the intake of various herbal products made by Ayurvedic formula, minerals or to combine the two together in a combination. In some cases, blood purification can also be used.
The Detox of the organism in Ayurveda is not a simple procedure itself. It combines Ayurvedic meals, meditation and yoga. All this is in a strictly individual mode that Ayurveda writes to the doctor of every patient, it can not be applied to another. Separate recommendations are made about our lifestyle after treatment, for which a plan will be drawn up.
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Make your choice – Cure yourself and be long-lived!

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