A specialized Indian Ayurveda team is already practicing in Sofia

There is a very important moment in the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda, which is already more than 5 thousand years old. It heals all diseases, but it does not just focus on the disease, it also removes the causes that led to it. That is why Ayurveda gives special attention to nutrition. It is like ritual, ritual, part of a complete philosophy of how to achieve ideal health.
Ayurvedic feeding actually prevents illness. It is recommended to eat three times a day, with special dietary requirements – both as a preparation, as a consumption, and as a composition. It must be balanced by the body's energy needs.
As mentioned, we speak as a ritual. Food should be prepared with fresh produce, in a clean room, with bright, positive thoughts and clean clothes, beautifully presented. Besides, if it is not tasty it is not useful, even if it is cooked with healthy products.
The consumption itself should be up to 3 hours after the preparation, one should eat in a calm state and a deep attention to the food.
While in our country, eating in the general case is chaotic. Do you "have lunch" at the computer while you work or just browse the internet? Or – when it happens during the day, do you get something baked, maybe with some sausage if you go to some fast food? And at dinner in front of the TV you "relax" with food until you feel that you have overeat?
This chaotic food regime, with unbalanced, unbalanced food, is the path to disease. In this way various poisons, heavy metals, pesticides, free radicals accumulate in our body.
These substances lay in a sticky layer, poison the body, violate its natural natural balance, confuse the activities of its systems. This leads to illness.
Here we come to Ayurveda treatment methods. As we mentioned, it treats all diseases naturally, and this is accompanied by a detox of the organism. The body purifies from toxins by combining the methods of Purvacarama and Panchkarma.
Purvakarma is a complex of outdoor procedures with medicinal herbs and oils – massages, bathing, saunas. They move the areas of toxins and beautify, and prepare the body for internal purification with Panchkarma. It is done with laxative and cleansing therapies.
Both methods combine with Ayurvedic diet, yoga, meditation. The complete treatment is strictly individual for everyone and is appointed by the ayurvedic doctor after examination and diagnosis.
All of this – a review, diagnosis and treatment of Ayurveda, can now be found in Sofia, and by a specialized Indian team. Ayurveda Clinic Sofia works with Dr. Mahesh Garzhe. He is a guru of Ayurveda licensed by the Indian Government and has over 14 years of practical experience.
A second ayurvedic doctor in his team is his wife, Dr. Mohini Garzhe, therapists are also highly qualified, with an internship between 12 and 16 years old.
The clinic in Sofia is the first in the capital, where the authentic treatment is done entirely by Indian specialists. Her work is a continuation of the successful practice of Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko, which is expanding its activities.
Trust the authentic methods with Dr. Mahesh Garzhe and Ayurveda Clinic Sofia!

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