What is Ayurveda and how it will help us


The first important thing people with certain diseases need to know about Ayurveda is that this ancient medicine cures everything. It can help anyone in an environmentally friendly way.


Ayurveda is not just medicine. It is science, philosophy of the world and the man in their interaction. So accepted and followed, it would not only heal, but also gives the knowledge for an active, complete life without diseases. Ayurveda achieves not only physical healing but also balance, peace of mind.


As science and practical medicine, Ayurveda is completely environmentally friendly, and many of its concepts are linked to yoga. It examines three types of energies relevant to the physiological processes in the body: Vata, Pita and Kapha. They are respectively related to heartbeat, respiration and blood circulation; metabolism; immunity and growth of the body.


The environmentally friendly thinking has connected these energies with the main elements of nature – air, fire, water, earth. If you disturb the balance between the three energies the diseases begin. As starting anomalies in nature by disequilibrium between the main elements.

With the diagnosis of these disorders Ayurveda can predict the development of impending disease for which have not yet shown signs and prevent it.


Ayurveda actually treat energy imbalances leading to a breach of natural physiological processes, restoring balance. Removing the cause, easily removes the disease too.


Restore the balance by cleansing the body – external and internal, Ayurvedic diet and activities determined by the physician.


The Ayurvedic treatment uses complex combination of herbs and medicinal oils, massages, herbal saunas, thermal and purifying treatments. They combine with Ayurvedic nutrition.


After diagnosis the Ayurvedic doctor draw up a comprehensive program for the patient, but is strictly personal. It can not be applied to another individual. This is because individual treatment plan is consistent with the general condition, type of disease, stage of development as well as the body type of the patient.


Cleansing the body is being done by two methods – Purvakarma and Panchakarma, which are recognized by the World Health Organization. Purvakarma combines external procedures with herbs, oils, massages, etc. and prepares the body for internal cleansing method Panchakarma. It is through laxative and purgative procedures.


Essential is the moment of Ayurvedic nutrition. Food preparation is as sacred as the whole treatment. It must be bright and clean room, clean clothes and bright thoughts.


The food itself must be tasty in order to be fully useful. Otherwise you lose the meaning, even if it is made of useful eco products. Consumption has to be at rest and with the focus on food.


The list of diseases that Ayurveda treats adults and children is huge. As we said, this ancient medicine has found a cure for any disease is spread to all body systems and it is normal to seek ayurveda solutions.


The specific approach here is that it applies a change in your lifestyle – work, recreation, home treatments, physical activity, psychological attitude. Moreover, emphasis and restoration of spiritual and mental balance – increasing intelligence and a sense of confidence, awareness of the problems and ways to solve them.

And that – right after finding the cure – is the most important, right?

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