Failure to Gain Weight


When is the low body weight a problem?

It is not obligatory that all slim people should put on weight.

The low body weight for example can be genetically predetermined.

If the slim person is fit, with no health problems, change is unnecessary.

If, however, he often has infections, which is a sign of a poor immunity; if he has dizziness, palpitation; often gets tired, or has coordination problems, etc., he should seek advice from doctors to see, if it is related to the low weight and the failure to put on weight, and if so, he should take steps towards gaining weight.

The low weight and the failure to increase body mass, Ayurveda refers mainly to people with prevailing Vata Dosha. In principle, they are small, and even if they eat a lot, they hardly put on weight.

Vata represents air and space; for people of that type of constitution, movements and lightness are typical – they are smaller; they move quickly and speak quickly; they easily make friends. Like the air current, they are inconstant, which in everyday plan, affects their chaotic diet.

If Vata Dosha goes out of balance, even if it is not the leading Dosha in the energy balance with Pitta and Kapha, it can lead to weight loss and failure to gain weight. Generally spoken, in terms of diet, Vata energy increases and goes out of balance with light and dry food, cold dishes and drinks.

The windy and cold weather, the frequent journeys and changes in the daily regime, also affect it by increasing it, as they have the same characteristics as the Dosha itself. As the body is a whole unity of physiological, psychological and mental nature, the emotions like anxiety, fear and nervousness, also affect Vata.

Another reason for the failure to gain weight may be the imbalanced Pitta. This energy is responsible for the digestion and breakdown of the food substances and for the absorption by the body.

If the metabolism is fast, this is an impediment for weight gain. In such case we should start pacifying Vata.

Ayurveda table with herbs | Ayurvedasofia.bgGaining of kilograms with Ayurveda

When low weight is associated with decrease in the vital body energy of the man, Ayurveda has a number of ways to achieve healthy weight.

For the purpose, the Ayurveda doctor has to determine the Dosha type – which energy is the leading one in the patient’s type of body and what are the specific Dosha’s imbalances. On principle, for low weight, Vata and Pitta should be balanced, and also during the treatment, the eventual Kapha disorders should be considered, as the deviations are usually of a mixed type. The more so as the other two Doshas are dependent on Vata Dosha – the Dosha of the movements, as their flow in the body is carried out by Vata.

Gaining weight in Ayurveda is achieved through diet, detox, intake of oils and herbs, specialized oil massages, yoga exercises and meditations.

In case of low weight, salty, sour and sweet food, as well as spices are generally used. Appropriate are the tuberiferous plants, butter, nuts, whole grains, dairy products, sugar. It is recommended that the food should be made oily by adding coconut oil, sesame oil or Ghee. It should be warm and fresh. It is good the vegetables to be cooked, and for muscle mass gain, cheese, curd, beans and lentil should be included.

Ayurveda includes balanced diet considering balancing of the Doshas with full intake of all the nourishing substances that are necessary for the body. The diet regime is combined with oil massages and oil pouring-over, like sesame oil, for example. It pacifies Vata; it has purifying effect and improves the processes of metabolism.

Pacifying of Vata includes avoiding stressful situations as well; beneficial is walking in nature. It is important to ensure adequate rest with sufficient sleep – night going to bed should be at about 10:00 pm.

From the herbs, ashwagandha, Satawari, liquorice and others are used, taken with milk. For healthy weight gain, Chyavanaprasam is recommended; there are a number of other products as well.

For a purposeful balancing of Pitta, the cooling herbs like cumin, mint, tarragon, spearmint, coriander, etc., are used, as well as different combinations.

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