Treatment of skin problems with Ayurveda


How skin problems occur

Since ancient times Ayurveda has defined skin problems and the ways for their treatment. One of the preserved encyclopedic Ayurveda treatises, which dates back to the III century BC, also reviews skin diseases. It describes the healing properties and application of extracts of 100 000 plants, it contains also theoretical and and practical guidelines as a summarized experience of thousands of years.

Attention is paid also to the influence of external environment and internal processes through the focus of the three Doshas – a key concept in Ayurveda, both as a philosophy and as a treatment. The concept of the unity and interdependence between physical and spiritual health, as well as the way of life according to the corresponding Dosha are also reviewed. These guidelines are still relevant today as part of the classic Ayurveda. They serve as an effective treatment but also for protection against diseases, because it is better to protect yourself than to heal yourself.

The three Doshas are biological principles, essences of the human being that define his individual characteristics in every aspect. These energies are set in a unique balance in the body at birth, and one or two of them are predominant. Thus, the type of Dosha may be Vata, Pitta or Kapha, or it may be combined, for example, Pitta-Kapha. Any skin disease /rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and so on/ is related to one of the three Doshas, which is out of the energetic balance.

People with Pitta dosha are most susceptible to skin problems. This Dosha is responsible for the digestion, processing and absorption of substances in the cells. If the metabolism is disturbed, toxins start spreading in the body through blood, then they accumulate and cause infections. That is why it is important to improve our digestion if we experience skin problems, as well as to improve the liver function in order to normalize the metabolism and toxins to be eliminated.

Skin problems of the Pitta type are characterized by redness and swelling, high temperature, and sunlight and heat exacerbate the condition.

Skin problems of the Vata type are characterize by dry skin, even squamous, and itching. The condition exacerbates by dryness and wind.

People of the Kapha type rarely experience skin problems, but if they do, they are characterized by swelling, itching, as moist and cold weather are contraindicated.

Ayurveda treatment

For the treatment of skin problems, Ayurveda uses remedies, procedures and therapies to cleanse the body of toxins, and also a diet and daily regime.

Skin problems on the hands |

All this is determined for each patient by the Ayurveda physician. The diet is prescribed to reduce the Dosha that have caused the skin problem. If, for example, the skin problems are caused by Pitta dosha, the diet excludes tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, as the recommended foods are coconut milk and coriander.

If the skin problems are due to Kapha, you should avoid greasy and heavy foods, and oils should not be used. The recommended food for Kapha must be warm, with lots of proteins and carbohydrates, and raw foods are contraindicated.

Herbs that are applied internally can be consumed on their own or with food, as many of them are popular spices. Moreover, they can be rubbed in the body or included in the composition of various oils that are used for pouring and massages. 

Various herbs are used to cleanse the body of toxins – turmeric, sandalwood, blackberry, dandelion and many other, in the form of a powder or in oily potions. In leucoderm, for example, bakuchi is applied for nourishment of the skin and recovery of the pigment.  It is combined with sesame powder, turmeric, lavender oil, incense, jojoba, etc. it is used to treat the fungal infection trichophytosis, eczema, inflamed skin edema with fluid /papule/. The Ghee butter is very effective as an external remedy for the treatment of skin inflammations, rashes, burns, rashes. The Aloe Vera juice is applied for most types of skin rashes.

Since physical and spiritual health are interconnected and influence each other, healing yoga practices are also used in the treatment, as well as meditation.

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