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Aging is inevitable. It involves change in a person with physical, psychological, mental and social change. Wrinkled skin, oily hair and macular degeneration are several symptoms of aging. While one cannot avoid these changes, but can definitely slow them down with medications,  natural kitchen ingredients or ayurveda herbs.

Ayurveda is known to be the art of daily living in harmony and the laws of nature. This is the ancient natural  wisdom of health and healing . Ayurveda treatment  for the disease focuses on three doshas per person – Vata dosha , Kapha dosha and pita dosha. He believes in maintaining the perfect balance between these three aspects, which is the secret to staying young and healthy.

Slow down aging and Ayurveda

The process of degenerating cells, as they age, is known as aging. Ayurveda offers herbs that can help reduce the symptoms of aging by  regenerating body cells.  Most herbs have various antioxidants that inhibit the growth of free radical damage cells in the body.

According to Ayurveda, "Ayurveda's Ragala (rejuvenation) branch  deals specifically with aging and its effects. Since aging is a degenerative and palliative phase and process, Rasyana checks the pace leading to delay. Ragal treatment is recommended for people, who are 35 years of age or older. "

Herbs that slow down aging

Here are some of the herbs that you can include in your diet to delay aging.

1. buzzing

Guduchi, or tallow, is known to revitalize our skin tissues and resolve inflamed skin conditions by its anti-inflammatory properties.  Guduchi is responsible for promoting mental clarity and improving our immune system.  Guducci or Guillaume  are known to revitalize skin tissues and help resolve inflamed skin

2. Google

Guggulu is a potent herb that comes from the  flowering tree Mukul myrrh . Its anti-inflammatory properties help in the fight against various diseases and hinder the growth of free radicals in the body.


Brahmi, or Bacopa, is a memory enhancer, especially useful for those who may be suffering from age-related memory loss. It is thought to have a  refreshing effect on the brain.

Brahmi, or Bacopa, is a memory enhancer

4. Amalaki

 Amalaki, or Amla,  is an excellent source of  Vitamin C and antioxidants that help your body fight off various ailments. Also, it helps to keep you safe from age related  macular degeneration and cataracts.


The compound  curcumin in turmeric has been shown to have a potent anti-aging effect. It has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that help keep diseases at bay.

6. Ginseng

Ginseng contains many phytochemicals that help stimulate and activate skin metabolism. These phytochemicals also help you get rid of free radicals that accumulate when your skin is exposed to dirt and sunlight.

7. ready-made cola

GotU Car is rich in flavonoids with antioxidant activity that helps protect the skin and body, making it an extremely essential anti-aging herb. GotU car is rich in  flavonoids with antioxidant activity


Ashwagandha helps with rapid  cell regeneration and rejuvenation  which in turn helps to slow down the signs of aging, especially related to the skin.

Treatment of dew

Ragala Tantra is among the eight major branches of  Ashtanga Ayurveda.

This is one of the essential procedures for demonstrating rejuvenation and anti-aging.

  •  Sam dosha balanced dosha VATA Pitta Kafa
  • SamAgni balances Agni or metabolic fire
  • Sam Dhatu balances seven Dhatu or body tissues
  • Sam Malcryaregularly discharges waste products

The modern definition of wellness can be the same.

 "Health is a state of complete physical, psychological and social well-being, not just an absence of disease." V.H.O.

Importance of Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging Ragalla stands as a solution to address the issue of healthy longevity, such as mental development and immunity against illness.

This is why Thid is included in Ashtang Ayurveda's eight large branches.

This rejuvenating treatment will help promote and maintain health, endurance in health, and also cure disorders in patients.

 Rasayans or vitalizes,  does the exact same thing.

  • They fill the body's very important fluids, preventing us from disease.
  • It means nourishment and transportation in the human body.
  • Such a state of enhanced nutrition is promised to bring about secondary functions such as
  • Longevity
  • Disease immunity, psychological skills
  • and  slowing down the aging of the population.

This therapy is really what enhances the quality of every Dhatu, starting with race for rakt, remedies, honey astia, Majja and Shura. Acceptance of Ragall helps to increase the immunity of the individual in order to stay away from diseases. The individual becomes strong and healthy.  In addition to the superiority of race, a person is endowed with psychic achievements such as acute memory, by virtue of therapeutic therapy.

The benefits of therapy

It should nourish the blood (रक्त), lymph (रस), flesh (मांस), fat, bone (मज़्ज़ा) and semen (शुक्र), and thus prevent freedom from chronic degenerative disorders such as arthritis and diseases and improving our immune system.

Role in the body

It can be given to healthy individuals, to improve tissues, as well as to patients, for better immune resistance. The first step is to purify the body through various purification techniques called  Panchakarma.

Herbal formulations are then given.

There are many types of therapies and innumerable herbal combinations. They can be provided to anyone of any age and gender under the supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

Modern technology helps us to understand cell biology and allows us to evaluate the effects of  Ragall  therapy at the cellular level. Popularly used Ravayana herbs such as ashwagandha and Shatavari have been found to maintain cellular integrity and protection.

 Brahmi and Tulsi  have shown adaptogenic activity – which means that they intelligently adapt to the needs of the individual. This therapy can affect lifestyle and age-related illnesses.

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