Splenomegaly – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment


Splenomegaly or enlargement of spleen is known as ‘Plihodar’. In ayurvedic perspective liver and spleen are two organ that represents the birthplace or starting point for Rakta dhatu or blood. To carry out normal function of your blood in the body it is essential to have perfect health of spleen and liver.

Abnormality in the function of spleen greatly affect the normal function of body which can be seen all over body. Resultant of splenomegaly doesn’t not limit only over site of spleen bet can be seen all over body with disturbed function in other body system like lymph, respiratory.

Reasons for splenomegaly

Food habits

  • Diet with very high levels of species like chilies, black pepper etc. frequent use of concentrated alcohol in diet, habit of using extra salt, drinks with excessive sour taste become reason for splenomegaly.
  • Food with less fat and very dry in nature e.g raw nuts and seeds, chips, salami, food with disgusting taste and incompatible combination of food such as fish with milk, fruit and milk turns into development of splenomegaly.   
  • Certain digestive disorders like irritable bowel movement, piles if not treated correctly then can become reason to develop splenomegaly.
  • Lack of detoxification of body accumulates the toxins inside which result into development of splenomegaly.
  • People who travels a lot and put lot of pressure during adventurous sport activity may lead to develop splenomegaly.

Identification of disease

  • Ayurveda has clearly mentioned the signs and symptoms of splenomegaly that can be helpful to detect condition much before then it actual appears as disease.

It starts with:

  • Dryness in mouth.
  • Distaste in mouth
  • Loss of appetite(anorexia)
  • Feeling of vomiting sensation
  • Excessive thirst
  • Cough and dyspnea
  • Distension at lower part of abdomen especially sides
  • Gurgling noise from inside of abdomen
  • Oedema in legs and hands
  • Chin become smooth
  • Trapped gases in the abdomen with pain and discomfort
  • Colic pain with distended abdomen
  • Weakness (Incapability of doing physical activities)
  • Body ache with mild fever
  • Weakness (Incapability of doing physical activities)
  • Pain in finger joints
  • Trapped gases in the abdomen with pain and discomfort
  • Reddishness or discoloration of abdomen
  • Appearance of network of veins having blue green and yellow color over the abdomen
  • Emaciation
  • On emotional level person feel negative and lack of enthusiasm for daily work.
  • Mild to moderate signs of depression can be noted in splenomegaly   

In ayurvedic perspective, obstruction in bio energy flow that results into accumulate of biotoxins especially by affecting elimination of water and sweat from body is first reason of developing the splenomegaly.

Toxins cannot go out and stay inside become poison to disturb the body balance by interfering into normal function of body organ. Also changes in metabolism is contributing reasons for developing the splenomegaly.   

In treatment perspective

Table for Ayurveda treatment | Ayurvedasofia.bgFind the reason first – any form of changes in body is a body response to protect life. With proper understanding of disease process, we can find out all possible reasons for development of splenomegaly.

These reasons are may be from your diet or from life style. To recognize the pattern and to restrain the cause is first line of treatment. We have already mention the reasons for splenomegaly, now one has to find actual cause and start changing the life style to stop progression of disease.  

Detoxification – detoxification or elimination of toxins are important to control the damage. In splenomegaly digestive fire is greatly affected so we can choose methods that will helpful restore digestion without losing strength.

Fasting – fasting diet under expert will help to boost digestion. There are many different type of concepts of diets prescribed in Ayurveda. For splenomegaly we can use “thirst therapy”. Thirst therapy controls water intake as per need.  Idea is no give minimum quantity of water to improve the digestive fire.

Ayurvedic formulations like indukantham kwatham, ashta churnam, drakshadi kwatha, kumaryasvam, rohiktarishtam are used to improve the condition.

Rohitakarishtam and kumaryasvam are two best product that helps to cover splenomegaly.

Panchakarma and splenomegaly

Virechna – regular use of mild purgation helps to keep body purified. Purgative like dasamulaharitaki are very good to control the splenomegaly as cleans the body channels and also gives strength.

Never use strong purgative to throw toxins out of body that can cause serious loss of strength of patient and will result in to great damage.

Powder massage and shirodhara – to clean the blockages from body system we can use special kind of massage done with powder like triphala or kolkulathadi churnam.

Shirodhara with dhanyamla is highly beneficial for splenomegaly.

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