The Benefits of Losing Weight with Ayurveda

Losing weight with Ayurveda's methods and means has a lasting effect because it's healthy. The body gradually "switches" and returns to its natural state, restoring the complete processes and activities of the body.

With the detox, which is included in the complex of weight loss measures, the cells, tissues and organs are freed from the toxins that damage them and their natural functions are restored.

Thus, the basis for the occurrence of the various abnormalities, including overweight is removed. In addition to cleansing the body, Ayurveda applies an optimal diet tailored to the person's Dosha/energy balance, yoga poses and exercises, herbs.

As a result digestion and hence metabolism are improved and immunity is increased. In Ayurveda weight loss course a an individual model for nutrition is set: which are the beneficial types of foods for the patient, which of them how and when to combine, how to eat. Of course, first of all we need to determine the cause of the weight gaining.

In the vast number of cases, it is the stale life and poor nutrition – uncooked foods, many of which are harmful to the Dosha, the combination of incompatible foods, the wrong way of eating. However, the underlying may be, for example, hormonal imbalancedigestive tract disease or a disease of the organs related to digestion, stress and many others.

Therefore, the cause of obesity should be determined by an Ayurvedic doctor to appoint a set of measures, taking into account age and gender, possible concomitant illnesses, living and working conditions of the patient, etc.

In all this, it is very important for people who want to lose weight to be aware of the harmful habits that have led them to become overweight and that they have to change them by creating useful habits. While building a healthy lifestyle model, they must be consistent and disciplined in complying with the assigned diet plan.

Yoga against obesity | Ayurvedasofia.bgGeneral principles of weight loss with Ayurveda

Outside the personal complex of weight loss measures for every person, Ayurveda has common principles that must be respected by everyone who has decided to get rid of excessive weight. The advice to eat only when we are hungry may be surprising at first. But it is good to know how often we eat not for anything but because we are "nervous" or "eat" without being hungry when we meet to watch a football game, etc. Ayurveda is also very important and how we eat when we have really felt hungry.

The habit of eating “among other things” – while watching a TV series, listening to news, reading a newspaper, having a chat with friends, while we are working on the computer, while being in a hurry on the street, is very damaging. In such a case, people cannot really enjoy the food or feel when they are sated and overeating is easy.

One has to eat, as in a ritual, to accept food as drawing of the energy and the power of nature needed for existence and development.

One must be focused on the dishes, disregard the surrounding world, free themselves from emotions. The food should be chewed well because swallowed large mouthfuls burden the digestion and are a prerequisite for it not to be complete. Chewing must be at least 32 times.

The meal itself should be at regular intervals, dinner should end by 8 PM and be light. It is good to drink warm water in small quantities – up to one glass of water at a time, often throughout the day, including before meals.

The required total amount is determined by Ayurvedic experts based on body mass. All this must be combined with at least 6 hours of sleep and regular exercise. If work is not related to physical activity, it can be replaced by walking, cycling, fitness, and so on.

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