Interview with Kameliya – Manager of Ayurveda clinic Sofia

  1. What is the history of Ayurveda Clinic Sofia?

Ayurveda Clinic Sofia  opened its doors in July 2017. It is the only one of its kind for Ayurvedic treatment in the City of Sofia, which works with Indian doctors and therapists, specially trained, and with many years of experience in practising this ancient medicine.

Two years ago, in 2015, we opened the first  Ayurveda clinic in the town of Bansko, in which a very high interest was shown. Panchakarma procedures are carried out there, by the Panchakarma method, but, as it operates only in the spring and autumn, we decided to open a clinic in the capital as well, which to be open all year round.

2. What do you offer to your patients?

Our patients can have a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor which is based onpulse diagnostic. Depending on the individual state of the patient, treatment is administered, appropriate therapies, diet, and physical-activity regime. Recommendations are given, which are intended not only to cure the person and to improve his general health but also to provide a basis for a better, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

3. What do your visitors like the most?

Although our visitors have a different profile, the common among them is that almost all of them are pleasantly surprised at the results achieved after the complex treatment that has been carried out. Not in the last place, they appreciate the professionalism and the human attitude, that they receive from the whole staff of the clinic. Most of our visitors come to us as patients and leave as our friends.

4. Does Ayurveda become increasinglylive? For what is it sought after by the customers – health, beauty or both?

Yes, definitely, it can be said that Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular. A heightened interest is observed in this way of treatment and effect, which leadstoincrease in the confidence in the ayurvedic methods as well. It is important to know that this treatment is appropriate not only for adults but also for children. All diseases are very well affectedwithskin diseases being particularly successful. I can point out, for example, the so-stubbornpsoriasis that is considered incurable by the traditional medicine.

People come to us for health, as well as for beauty and detox, but prevailing is the number of patients with health problems.

5. What is your success formula?

Perseverance, positive attitude to the world, to ourselves and to those around!

6. What makes you unique, what makes you distinguished?

What we are distinguished by, from our competitors, is that we offer to our patients a year-round service, 7 days a week, for everyone who wants to have the opportunity to come and visit us and benefit from our services. We offer authentic Indian therapies which have an incredible healing and rejuvenatingeffect, while restoring the person’s energy balance. The products which are used for therapies and treatment are prepared by classical ayurvedic recipes and are produced by an approved producer in India – Kottakkal, who have a long-standing practice and a proven reputation for high quality.

7. What makes you proud of the activity of the Clinic?

I personally have always shared, with great excitement, that every step made by several of our multiple sclerosis patients, to me is а cause for real joy and pride. The treatment carried out in our Clinic, brought these people back on their feet.  When I first saw thatwith my eyes, I started crying with excitement… happiness in the eyes of those people is the greatest motivation for work for the whole team of the clinic.

7. What would you say to your customers – present and future ones?

Do not stop taking care of the most valuable thing that you have – your health!

According to the Ayurveda philosophy, good health makes us complete people, which means that we get much more pleasure and happiness from life.

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