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Body care

Ayurveda's care for the body is entirely natural - both as a means of use and as a method. The main means are the oils in which there are usually extracts of different herbs – according to the Dosha and the disease, respectively the disturbances of the energy balance. There are oils to apply on the body, to drink, or, say, to drop in the ears.

Body Care with Ayurveda Cosmetics |

There are a huge variety of recipes for combinations of herbs in oils. When applied to the body, they are usually accompanied by massages at certain points. In addition to the mechanical impact of the massage, it is intended that the oils penetrate deeply and help both the removal of toxins from the organs and the recovery of the Dosha balance. Some are recommended for one or two Doshas, and they balance all three Dosha.

There arehealing herbal oils for all health problems, and some have complex action:

  • Valiya Narayana for example, is used in women for hormonal balance;
  • Pinda Thailamis for joint diseases-related massages;
  • Balaswagandhadi and Brahmi Thailam areused in depressive states and for mood lifting;
  • Mahamasha Thailam strengthens the muscles;
  • Yuvatyadi Thailam is used for women to stimulate breast growth and maintain good shape, skin, etc.

Of the most complex and effective is Karpooradi Thailam – it impacts the skin, improves blood circulation and refreshes it, and the mind. It can be used in arthritis and arthrosis, colds, muscle trauma and fatigue, especially in athletes, has antiseptic effect, removes pain.

Ksheerabala Thailam has an anti-inflammatory effect, also analgesic. Can be used in cases of insomnia, headaches, removes fatigue. It helps against arthritis and rheumatism, generally contributes to the flexibility of the body.

Dhanwantharam Thailam is for theVata and Kapha Doshas, the effect isrelaxation of the nerves and muscles. It contains a large number of vitamins and minerals useful for joints and bones. It has over 50 herbal ingredients, so its cleansing effect is very strong through deep penetration through the skin. Except for massage, it can also be given for drinking. Helps for emotional and mental disorders, urinary tract problems, hernia, gynecological diseases, stress.

Skin care

For Ayurveda, skin is a very important organ. It is the "border" between the body and the external environment from which many influences come, and skin health is essential to the whole body.

Hair Care with Ayurveda Cosmetics |

It has numerous functions – sensory, protective, it is also connected with the regulation of temperature and water balance, the formation of important hormones, etc. This determines its complex structure. In this way, the skin is connected with the three Doshas - the structure is influenced by Kapha, and the functions are led by Pitta and Vata. Thus, each of the Doshas can be balanced through the skin treatment. Skin care is hygiene - regular bathing and various Аyurvedic oils and bath products applied before and after.

The bathroom can be with warm water or milk and adding the herbs. In the preparation of bath water, for example, rose oil, musta, triphala, nalpamara, and other useful ingredients against fungal infections are used. For the milk bath, a bala, rose petals, and more are used. It is suitable for Pitta disbalance with very sensitive skin, pimples, acne. Ayurveda uses as soap milk fat that is mixed with turmeric powder. Other powders are also used - for example triphala, nymba. The effect is a deep skin detox, removing dead skin cells, improving the complexion.

Ayurveda also has different products to protect the skin from external influences - cold, strong sun, sharp wind, as well as for treatment of emerging skin diseases, cellulitis, scars.

Effective against cellulite are the oils Valiya Lakshadi, Lakshadikera and others. Against dry skin, after the bath the ointment Satadhawata Grytham can be used, Chemparutyadi Kera removes pruritus and can be used in hepatitis.

Jathyadi Keraoil is used for wounds, cracked skin, etc. similar. For eczema, Pamantaka is recommended, or Nimbaharidadi powder. Vranaropana oil can be used against scars , and Jivantyadi Yamakam massage oils are used for problems with cracked lips, palms, heels.

Face care

Ayurveda has a separate group of herbsVarnya, which are used specifically for the face, restoring the natural color and tan. They are used as masks and massage oils. Masks are also made of ointments from which the skin is rejuvenated.

Facial Care with Ayurveda Cosmetics |

For preparing masks, water can be used – plain or rose, or milk. The ingredients are added to them. The herbs used for tan correction are mainly turmeric, Indian sarsaparilla, vetiver, mango, saffron. Powdered in masks, they act to prevent pigmentation, eczema, acne, dry, oily or pale skin and more problems affecting the face of the skin.

Oils and face creams are applied with massages, part of whose effect is to improve blood circulation. Massage and cleaning in some cases can also be combined with powdered herbs. For pigmentation, the mostly used mask is Eladi Choornam; for softening is Kolkulatadi Choornam, Sataduta Grima is applied in sunburns. Vranarophana Thailam is an oil that is used for heavier skin lesions. It is used for the treatment of wounds and scars, preventing the formation of pus and infections. It is for external use, placed on the damaged spot with a cotton swab.

Hair care

Hair is one of the signs of beauty and people take great care to keep it constantly in good shape. However, it has a fine structure and chemical treatment depletes and damages it. This often leads to hair loss at an early age.

Ayurveda's hair care is all-natural products that nourish and heal it, and have no side effects.


Skin Care with Ayurveda Cosmetics |

In addition, with the herbs used, the skin of the head is also strengthened. In hair cosmetics three basic methods are used - washing with different potions, hair mask and oils. Washing is done with soap tree, shikakai, triphala, some dried blossoms - for example, hibiscus.

Masks are used to preserve the natural color of the hair. The henna is very popular because it is a powerful coloring agent from nature. It is used in all types of mask. Various other ingredients - amla, basil powder, iron powder, maka powder, neem leaves, are used to make masks with versatile use.

A popular product to add to the henna mask is Nimbapatarady Choornam.

The application of the oils is accompanied by a massage of the head. Shiroabhyangam greatly contributes to the strength of the hair, prevents early aging and hair loss. It is applied with different oils depending on the purpose, for example against dandruff and other diseases of the scalp.

Ayurveda's hair care products are numerous and varied according to the desired effect.Malathyadi oil, as well asMalathyadi Kera, are effective against microbial-induced scalp infections. The effect is stopping hair loss.

Ayapalakera Thailam is also effective against hair loss, removes dandruff, and also helps with various other skin problems. Kayanyadi Kera oil activates the growth because it is very nourishing for hair. There are also oils for baldness treatment - Cheriya Bhringamalakadi, also Valiya Bhringamalakadi. If premature whitening of the hair has begun, Prapaundarikadi Thailam can be used. For washing, the potion Nimbaharidradi Churnam is used.

Dental care

The functions of the teeth are different - for primary food fragmentation, which is especially important for digestion; for speech, as they are involved in the formation of sounds, and aesthetic because they are part of the face's radiance.

Dental Care with Ayurveda Cosmetics |

To maintain the good condition of the teeth and gums, and the oral cavity in general, Ayurveda uses three practices. One is kaval vidhi – holding medicated concoctions or oils for as long as possible in the mouth.

The other is a medical gargling - gandusha vidhi. The third is dental cleaning with Ayurvedic methods and tools.

Kaval vidhi and gandusha vidhi maintain healthy teeth and gums, remove bad breath. Their application protects the teeth from decay and strengthens their roots. They act beneficial to the gums when swelling, bleeding. They are particularly useful against the most common gum diseases - gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis affects about 70 percent of people. Periodontitis usually occurs after 30 years of age and covers up to 30% of adults. It is the main reason leading to premature tooth loss.

The herbs that Ayurveda uses for gum problems are different - arimedasa, carnation, nimbi and others. The remedies used also remove bad breath.

In procedures, coconut or sesame oil is usually used - 15 ml., at the discretion of the Ayurveda doctor other oils such as karporadi or arimedas thailam may be prescribed to the. The oil is held in the mouth for three to five minutes or until it is filled with saliva. The contents is spit, it should not be swallowed. The mouth is then rinsed with about 100 ml. hot water at 45-50 degrees.

To clean the teeth, Ayurveda uses herbal brushes such as neem, triphala, arab acacia, araq.

The most popular Ayurvedic oral hygiene products are Dasanakanti and Patadi powders, and the oils Valiya Arimedas and Karpuradi. Dasanakanti Choornam is for morning cleaning of the teeth, it can also be used to massage the gums. It is suitbale for all tooth problems as well as gum problems.

Valiya Arimedas is used for gum massage. It is applied after teeth cleaning.Karpuradi Thailam is mainly used for gum problems - gingivitis or parodontitis.Patadi Choornam is used to stop bleeding.