Treatment of high blood pressure with Ayurveda


We are talking about high blood pressure when there is an increase in the pressure in arteries of a person over 140 to 90 mmHg. To help you figure out what these figures mean, you should know that in order the blood pressure to be within the norm, the pressure should be 120/80 mmHg measured when a person is not performing any physical activity or active movement. This is the power that blood applies on the walls of arteries, while it passes through them.

The upper limit shows the so-called systolic pressure, and the lower limit – the diastolic. The hypertension /the other expression of high blood pressure/ can be 3 types:

  • essential /also known as primary or idiopathic/
  • the other one is secondary 
  • and the third type is known as isolated systolic 

The primary hypertension is the most common  /in about 90-95% of the patients/. The root cause of it is usually unclear. The secondary hypertension is caused by other disease, for example, by a kidney disease. The third type, the isolated systolic hypertension, is characterized by high upper limit of the blood pressure. This type is most common in older people.

Measurement of blood pressure | Ayurvedasofia.bgWhat can be the consequences of high blood pressure?

Hypertension can cause such serious illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks, cardiac failure, kidney disease, aneurysms, and so on. If you have frequent headaches in area of the back of the neck, accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, confusion, blurred vision or sudden seizure, you should check your blood pressure and seek medical help.

It is not accidental that hypertension is called the “silent killer”, because it usually runs without complication, and one does not that it exists. At the same time, it does its destructive activity on the body. Usually, with age, blood pressure increases.

What is the cause of high blood pressure?

Hypertension is usually concomitant or caused by a number of diseases of the human body:

  • kidney disease
  • diseases of the thyroid an ovaries
  • obesity
  • diabetes, and so on.

High blood pressure can also be caused by certain medications, as a side effect – anti-inflammatory, medications against colds, oral contraceptives, hormonal medicines, as well as by narcotic substances /amphetamine/. In severe cases of overdose it can lead to death.

Deviations from normal blood pressure can also be observed in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period.

Hypertension is associated with circulatory diseases – atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy; diseases of the nervous system /sleep apnea/; mental disorders – stress, sexual dysfunction, anxiety. Even premature ejaculation can be due to it.

Hypertension can be a result of alcohol abuse and tobacco smoking. It may also be genetic.

How conventional medicine treats hypertension?

If the doctor has already diagnosed persistent values of high blood pressure, this means that you are diagnosed with hypertension. So do not be surprised that the treatment that will be prescribed to you have to last a lifetime. For many people this sounds terrifying, but it is the only way for you to keep the values of the blood pressure within the normal limits and to prevent its rising. There are numerous medications that are used for this purpose.

Only your doctor will decide which ones are the best for you. Over a certain period of time and in view of your current condition, these medications and their respective dose can be changed. For effective and lasting treatment, it is recommended to combine these medicines with herbal intake, specific diet and change in the lifestyle. First of all, it is good for you to quit smoking, as well as too salty, greasy and sweet foods, and to increase your physical activity. 

Treatment of high blood pressure | Ayurvedasofia.bgTreatment of high blood pressure with the help of Ayurveda

Balance of the spirit and body – this is the alpfa and omega of the Ayurvedic treatment. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to cause impact on the entire organism with the help of special exercises and meditation.  At last but not least – eating according to certain rules and consuming specially selected products.

Ayurveda‘s basic understanding of diseases is that they are caused by the disturbance of the balance between the vital energies – the Doshas. As for the high blood pressure, the followers of Ayurveda believe that it occurs due to imbalance in Pitta dosha – the balance between the energies of water and fire.

The energies manage the health of people in a different way, therefore each patient should be treated after learning about his/her health problems. This also applies to high blood pressure complaints.

Part of this alternative therapy is body cleansing or cleansing of individual systems, as well as the use of herbs. Ayurveda experts, for example, recommend the consumption of watermelon seeds, as it has been found after many years of research that watermelon improves the pressure in the aorta, and also positively affects other vessels in the human body.

Cucurbocytrine contained in the watermelon seed helps to dilate the capillaries, which leads to lowering of blood pressure. You will have the best effect if you take powered watermelon seeds and poppy seeds in in the morning on an empty stomach.

Another easy-to-use natural remedy is coconut water. You will find it hard to buy fresh coconuts at any time, but they can be replaced with canned ones from the store.  In addition to Vitamin С, coconut water is rich in potassium and magnesium, which lowers the systolic pressure. It should be consumed at least three times a day.

Onion juice with honey is also very helpful. Mix half a teaspoon of the juice with honey and consume for two weeks two times a day. If you do not like onion, you can replace it with ginger juice. Add two tablespoons of powdered cumin to the honey and ginger, and consume the mixture two times a day.

And finally, the Ayurvedic medicine recommends the consumption of a lot of garlic. In both raw and cooked state garlic regulates the blood pressure. It is especially beneficial to drink in the morning, on an empty stomach, a juice of 3,4 cloves of garlic, 10,12 basil leaves combined with ¼ cup of wheat grass. It is also good to consume 5-6 drops of squeezed garlic juice by adding 4 spoons of water twice a day.

The listed remedies against high blood pressure can help you to deal with this unpleasant condition, but they can not be an alternative to standard drug therapy. Therefore, be sure to consult your doctor before you decide to stop the conventional medicines.

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