What is a wide patch massage?



What is Wide Pitch therapy?


Shirou pichu in ayurveda is one of the scalp massages that is thought to have an extremely beneficial effect on the entire body and mind. The term is derived from the Sanskrit words for “head” – “wide” (head) and “cotton swab / cloth” – “pitch.” Pitch is a sterile cloth soaked in herbal oils that directly affects the skull, scalp and muscles. Through this massage we have a very good influence on the balance of the seventh chakra – the parietal chakra (in Sanskrit sahashrara), which according to Ayurveda is our crown, our connection with the world of the spiritual, of ideas.

wide patch massage


From the **earliest times in the Ayurveda**, the head in the human body has been treated on the principle of an inverted tree – that is, according to ancient texts, it is a tree whose roots are at the top and draw energy not from below (soil), but from above / the sky /. That is why shiru pitchu is an extremely useful massage that we can give to our deepest roots, thus helping to open the seventh chakra and absorb energy from the outside world.


wide patch massage

Wide-pitch therapy uses warmed herbal oils, the selection and combination of which depend on the patient’s constitution or, in other words, which dosha or dosha prevails in his body, whether or not they are in a harmonized state.


One of the properties of wide dude is vatasamana, i.e. the impact of massage is a mitigator for wata dosha, so its prescription must be in accordance with the proportionality of this dosha in us. There are dozens of ** Ayurvedic herbs ** that can be used in this ritual. Some of the commonly used healing oils in wide pitch are, for example, masala dhanvantharam taylam and mahanarayana taylam (especially in cases of paralysis), bahalatadi taylam, brahmi taylam.


How is therapy affecting us?

wide patch massage

Shiro Pitchu Massage is part of the Puncha Karma and Mirdhna Tayla rituals in ancient Indian Ayurveda medicine. Shiro Pitchu therapy can be used for the prevention and treatment of many ailments, as well as for weight loss and cosmetic effects. In general, the effect of the massage is beneficial for the whole body as well as for the spirit.


The use of this type of session as a part of a number of Ayurvedic programs for the treatment of eating disorders, depression, depression, any disorders related to the central nervous system, as well as eczema and skin diseases is widespread, hair loss problems, premature hair whitening, dandruff and more. Wide pitch is an extremely suitable therapy for migraines and any chronic pain and neuralgia in the area of ​​the head, face, neck and shoulders.


Medical studies related to Ayurveda treatment of cerebral and facial palsy have been done for years using a variety of therapies, including wide vasti, wide pichu, wide abhyang and wide dhara massages, as well as classic physiotherapy. In ancient Ayurvedic texts, cerebral palsy is deducted from vata vedhi – diseases associated with vata imbalance.


It turns out that many patients have positive results and a different percentage of sensory and motor performance. Another benefit of using a wide patch is its positive impact on human memory.



Shirou pichu massage is good to apply on a series. When we are trying to heal or overcome conditions that have slowed us down for years, we need perseverance and acomprehensive approach to restoring balance throughout the body, as well as at the spiritual level. The daily use of this therapy is particularly appropriate, as well as its combination with other approaches and Ayurveda therapies.


It is very important to realize that a huge part of the negative effects on our health and illnesses are caused very often by ourselves from the inside out. Many of the unpleasant symptoms we complain about are due, for example, to the fact that, for one reason or another, we allow ourselves to be exposed to excessive amounts of harmful effects. These may be stressors, consumption of harmful foods, and beverages and harmful substances.


These things should be accounted for in advance and controlled both during and after the ayurveda therapy if we are to achieve positive results. To do this, it is a good idea to retire to a relaxed place to practice yoga and meditation in addition to the medical ayurvedic procedures we undergo, and make it easier for us to adhere to our particular regimen.


wide patch massage

It should be borne in mind that in Ayurvedic foods that are high in calories or fat, so-called “junk food” or in general, a list of specific foods that each of us should restrict or avoid, is not meant by harmful foods.

Feeding in Ayurvedic regimes is determined by the constitution established in advance by measuring the dosage balance in the patient concerned. After that, everyone is already given a list of useful, permitted and prohibited products, as well as a description of how they should be prepared for consumption. Because in the most ancient times, Ayurveda has been categorized as good and bad fats, harmful and beneficial aspects and combining food according to a person’s individual balance.


It is considered to be particularly important and the temperature at which we consume food – for example, when we have excess wadding, we should avoid eating cold things. All this must be discussed with Ayurveda doctors who prescribe the necessary regimen. Access to food prepared by specialized Ayurvedic cooks is recommended.


How long does it take and what is the therapy session?

wide patch massage



A therapeutic wide pitch session lasts an average of 45 minutes to one hour. Each of the Ayurvedic therapies consists of three parts – bursting karma, sold karma and mating. The pretense is the preparation for the ritual and the preconditions for the effectiveness of the treatment. In the case of a wide pitch, this massage is best done in the early morning, preferably at sunrise.


Oils for the procedureare heated in a water bath just before the start of the massage. Sold out karma is an essential part of therapy – a wide pitch can last between half and one hour depending on the needs of the particular patient.


About 10 ml of oil is used to irrigate the clean cloth to be used for the massage. Paschal karma is the final part of Ayurveda procedures. It is often associated with rest and a return to normal life. In the case of a wide patch, the towel is removed through staple karma and we indulge in brief relaxation.


Contraindications and side effects


Properly applied wide-pitch therapy should not produce any side effects, but it should not be used in the case of recent traumatic injuries, stroke or too high intracranial pressure.


There is absolutely no limit to the age at which a person can undergo a wide patch massage for the first time. This can literally happen as early as the neonatal period, when both fountains of the baby’s skull are still wide open and the adhesion of the cranial sutures has not yet begun. In cases of cerebral palsy, the family may consult with a doctor and in purely newborns whether they could undergo wide pitch and other ayurvedic treatments related to the cranial bones.


Prophylactic wide-patch massage in children is also thought to help increase their intelligence as it improves blood circulation and blood supply to the head and brain. In India, even today, in the first hours after the birth of many babies, a wide patchu is applied, thus preventing its head from cooling.


Older patients are also advised to consult a physician to become aware of potential risk factors associated with the cardiovascular system and others.

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