What is Shiro Vasti Massage?


 Broad Vasty Massage is one of the Vasty therapies in Ayurveda in which herbal oils are used. It is part of the pancha karma rituals and has proven to be extremely useful for a number of diseases affecting the head and face as sinusitis , rhinitis and their allergic equivalents, central nervous system, neck, shoulders and collarbone.


It is also effective against problems with:

  •  irregular menstrual cycle
  • Obesity
  •  chronic pain
  •  migraines
  • sleep disorders
  •  stress
  •  depression
  •  Anxiety


Ayurveda strongly recommends the prophylactic application of widespread use in people with a history who do not complain of specific symptoms.

Shiro Vasti Massage


But what really is a wide-ranging massage? The term shiro vasti comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, in which shiro means 'head', and vasti (or 'basti') refers to a whole class of procedures involving essential oils. In the case of broad-leaved, it is a thin bag, resembling a ship-shaped hat that is placed on the patient's top and filled with oils from various selected herbs.

It is this bag that is called Sanskrit Vasti. Its application makes it possible to massage directly the head and to have a direct interaction with the energy of our brain. After staying in the hat for a while, the oil is rubbed into the body at specific points in order to reach its full healing potential.

What do we need to know before undergoing extensive therapy?


How long a tincture in a person's head hat lasts depends largely on what is needed in the particular case while keeping the oil temperature slightly above body temperature for as long as it remains on the crown. Then the oil is drained from the pouch and it rubs the patient's body at certain points – on the forehead, shoulders, palms and feet.


The durationof a wide-ranging massage most often varies depending on what dosha or group of dosha is prevalent in a given patient, i. what is its constitution. This has to be determined before proceeding to broadwaters.


How much and what oils should be used for therapy?


There are many types of herbal oils that can be used in a wide variety of therapies, such as karpasashiyad, kshirabal, bala and narayla taylam and more. The selection of oils for broad-body massage is of particular importance, because each oil has an individual spectrum of healing properties.


Although less common, in the case of poorly selected oils when applied to broadwaters, even the symptoms that the patient came up with with the idea of ​​eliminating it may even get worse, but there are still such cases , so it is important that we only undergo treatment by a specialist. The amount of oil used also often varies depending on need and prescription, but is usually used about liter – liter and a half, and can also reach up to over 2 liters.


A holistic approach for a healthy mind and body


Shiro Vasti Massage

Ayurvedafits completely with any treatment. This is why the ritual spread widely, like many other treatments in Ayurveda, is actually much larger than having a massage with vegetable oils. Of great importance for its effectiveness, for example, is the adherence to the teaching of Ayurveda in all walks of life for a certain period of time.


In other words, this means that we must properly prepare for it and:

  •  We follow the ancient Indian health rules
  •  Do yoga
  •  eat properly in accordance with our constitution


We need to determine this in advance so that we can consult with experts in the field of Ayurveda to help us identify which doshas are characteristic of us, which is balanced and which – in excess. In this way, they will be able to work out an example schedule of various therapies and rituals to work on harmonizing your body and mind.


Shiro Vasti Massage

It is the achievement of  internal balance that is crucial to the success of all Ayurveda therapies.


Over time, while undergoing broad-leaved and other vascular therapies, it is advisable to refrain from:

  •  excessive eating, especially of harmful foods
  •  in some cases, we have to avoid sexual intercourse
  •  Observe a particular sleep and nutrition regime
  •  spend time daily in meditation and yoga practices


If applied for prophylaxis in a healthy and balanced body, a single wide-body massage, used in combination with other Ayurvedic therapies from time to time, may be sufficient. When seeking relief from a pain or injury, depending on the nature and depth of the condition, the general course of treatment can last for a much longer time. Longer programs usually do a series of therapies alternating with breaks of several weeks or several months.

Effects on the body

Many people say that Shiro Vasti massagerejuvenates all organs of the body. In this line of thought, the beautifying effect of therapy can be seen as a kind of side effect of the overall refreshment of our spirit, skin and body. This is also true of ancient Indian medicine.

In Ayurveda, it is believed that regular Shiro Vasti exercise could bring good health and longevity, especially if combined with the right lifestyle, including diet, exercise, meditation and spiritual pursuits. The advantage of 3-day to 2-week therapy seminars is that they provide an environment conducive to adherence to a complex regimen that requires broadness in its ritual and holistic aspect and in order to achieve optimal results.

When and how often should we be exposed?


Nowadays, it's so hard to follow so many strict rules within a fast-paced lifestyle, so it's a good idea to leave Shiro Vasti therapy on weekends – on the one hand, so that we can enjoy it fully, and another – so that we can devote ourselves to it as much as possible, which is key to the effect of massage. Many people prefer to take care of specialists in Ayurveda retreats in the mountains where they can concentrate on balancing their doshas.


Shiro Vasti Massage

It is not possible to give a general formulafor how many times we need to undergo Shiro Vasti therapy  to cure a disease. Depending on the severity of the problem, it is imperative that we consult with medical professionals and ayurvedic doctors about whether the massage alone can be sufficient to achieve complete healing.


There have been a number of cases in which people have resolved very deep pain with just2-3 series of wide-ranging therapies, administeredwithin a year-and-a-half year and combined with a good regimen.


Is Wide Vascular Massage Suitable For All?


At the onset of a wide-spread massage, everyone can be recommended. It is recommended, however, that children, the elderly, as well as people with chronic illnesses, such as a stroke or recent surgery, consult a doctor who to guide them so they can achieve the best results with their recovery.


Are there any side effects?


Overall, broadwave does not produce any adverse side effects, but it is still good to avoid its use in patients with recent traumas and wounds in the head and increased intracranial (intracranial) pressure. The wonderful preventative action of broadwave therapy makes it * appropriate for virtually everyone.

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